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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Darwin compare the natives of New Zealand to the Tahitians?
(a) better educated and more peaceful
(b) about the same
(c) more warlike and unpleasant company
(d) shorter and less attractive

2. What does Darwin speculate about as he observes the snow melt percolating and loosening rocks?
(a) how plants are introduced
(b) how minerals are formed
(c) how rich ores are found
(d) how the geology develops

3. Where does Darwin find fossil rich deposits and evidence of a recent land elevation?
(a) New South Wales
(b) Ayers Rock
(c) Tasmania
(d) near Perth

4. Headed back towards Chiloe, what does Darwin observe at night?
(a) the clarity of the stars
(b) the phosphorescent sea creatures
(c) a pod of whales following the ship
(d) the volcanic activity of mount Corcovado

5. What is Darwin's assessment of New Zealand?
(a) It is too isolated.
(b) It is a paradise.
(c) It is not diverse.
(d) It is not a pleasant place.

6. What does Darwin see that is the size of a rabbit but looks like a kangaroo?
(a) a jackalope
(b) a kangaroo rat
(c) a kangaroo cat
(d) a jack rabbit

7. After sailing away from Chile, where does the Beagle go?
(a) Panama city
(b) Bogata, Columbia
(c) Iquique in Peru
(d) Lima, Peru

8. From where do many of the people living in Port Louis come?
(a) Algiers
(b) India
(c) Morocco
(d) South Africa

9. What reception does the Beagle receive at New Zealand?
(a) a war party in canoes
(b) a lackluster welcome from one canoe
(c) a thousand canoes of Maori
(d) no welcome at all

10. How does Darwin get to the Blue Mountains?
(a) riding a camel
(b) across the Nepean River in a ferry boat
(c) across the Australian desert
(d) in a buckboard wagon

11. What must Darwin and his guide cross on the way back to Hacienda de San Isidro?
(a) a suspension bridge made of rope and hide
(b) a dry, parched desert
(c) a rapids in a mountain river
(d) a line of military guarding the border

12. Where does Darwin find olive and orange trees and many varieties of vegetables?
(a) in the Market of Santiago
(b) at the Bay of Valparaiso
(c) in the Valley of Paradise
(d) on the sides of Mount Compana

13. What does Darwin see from the Blue Mountains?
(a) many ships sailing around the continent
(b) tall trees growing in the valleys below
(c) cliffs with magnificent views of a harbor
(d) vast areas of farmland

14. What theory of Darwin's after observing the atolls is still considered valid today?
(a) why atolls are disappearing
(b) how atolls help the ocean ecology
(c) how the atolls were formed
(d) what makes coral grow in a circle

15. Why must they stop regularly while ascending Peuquenes ridge?
(a) because of the thin air
(b) because the mules get tired
(c) because the rock formations shift
(d) because of plants Darwin discovers

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Darwin discover at the saltpeter mine?

2. Walking along a road cut through the landscape, what does Darwin reflect on?

3. How does Darwin describe the water at the lagoon?

4. Exploring the Chiloe eastern coastline, what does Darwin observe?

5. Who are the six sailors who show up at the Beagle?

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