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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Walking along a road cut through the landscape, what does Darwin reflect on?
(a) how far the Beagle has traveled
(b) how at one time the land was covered with forests
(c) how civilization improves a land area
(d) how devoid of resources New Zealand is

2. What disturbs Darwin about the corn harvest in the area?
(a) the color of the corn
(b) the way it is harvested
(c) the poor quality of the corn
(d) the convict slave labor

3. What impresses Darwin about the Tahitians?
(a) their friendliness and good looks, despite their tattoos
(b) their modesty of dress
(c) their body covering tattoos
(d) their warlike nature

4. After the miserable climate around Tierra del Fuego, what does Darwin enjoy about Chile?
(a) the calm sea and white beaches
(b) the clear, dry and warm weather
(c) the gentle, constant rains
(d) the hot desert climate

5. What does Darwin speculate about as he observes the snow melt percolating and loosening rocks?
(a) how plants are introduced
(b) how minerals are formed
(c) how rich ores are found
(d) how the geology develops

6. What does Darwin see that is the size of a rabbit but looks like a kangaroo?
(a) a kangaroo cat
(b) a jack rabbit
(c) a jackalope
(d) a kangaroo rat

7. What turns out to be a raised plain about 3,000 feet above sea level?
(a) the Blue Mountain foothills
(b) Ayers Rock
(c) the Blue Mountains
(d) the inland sea bed

8. What has meant giving up his usual social circles and going off into unknown territories to meet unforeseen hardships?
(a) Darwin's post graduate education
(b) Darwin's long voyage
(c) Darwin's need for adventure
(d) Darwin's desire to get out of England

9. What does Darwin see from the Blue Mountains?
(a) many ships sailing around the continent
(b) tall trees growing in the valleys below
(c) cliffs with magnificent views of a harbor
(d) vast areas of farmland

10. What does Darwin see as the disadvantages such as monetary inflation and a sense of personal anonymity in Sydney?
(a) its distance from Europe
(b) the effects of rapid growth
(c) an ineffective government
(d) the number of criminals there

11. What feeds the inhabitants' pigs and a large kind of crab on Keeling Island?
(a) wild rice
(b) coconut trees
(c) bananas
(d) berry bushes

12. What happens at Valdivia?
(a) a hailstorm
(b) the Beagle runs aground
(c) a massive earthquake
(d) the Beagle hits a reef

13. How does Darwin compare the natives of New Zealand to the Tahitians?
(a) better educated and more peaceful
(b) more warlike and unpleasant company
(c) about the same
(d) shorter and less attractive

14. What theory of Darwin's after observing the atolls is still considered valid today?
(a) how the atolls were formed
(b) how atolls help the ocean ecology
(c) what makes coral grow in a circle
(d) why atolls are disappearing

15. Who demonstrates their prowess with their spears launched with throwing sticks?
(a) Australian aborigines
(b) Australian cowboys
(c) Australian soldiers
(d) Australian school children

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it in which a large wooden spoon seems to dance to the rhythm of the music being played?

2. To what does Darwin compare the convict slave laborers in Australia?

3. After sailing away from Chile, where does the Beagle go?

4. How does Darwin get to the Blue Mountains?

5. Why must they stop regularly while ascending Peuquenes ridge?

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