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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Darwin find olive and orange trees and many varieties of vegetables?
(a) in the Valley of Paradise
(b) in the Market of Santiago
(c) on the sides of Mount Compana
(d) at the Bay of Valparaiso

2. What keeps Darwin on board the Beagle after it sails to Lima?
(a) a cholera epidemic in Peru
(b) his weakened health
(c) his lost passport
(d) the political unrest in Peru

3. What is it in which a large wooden spoon seems to dance to the rhythm of the music being played?
(a) a war dance put on to frighten the Beagle crew
(b) a wedding ceremony
(c) an entertainment for children
(d) a superstitious play put on by the natives

4. How does Darwin compare the natives of New Zealand to the Tahitians?
(a) shorter and less attractive
(b) more warlike and unpleasant company
(c) about the same
(d) better educated and more peaceful

5. What do reddish brown clouds turn out to be?
(a) a reflection of the setting sun
(b) a mirage
(c) a desert dust storm
(d) a destructive swarm of locusts

6. What reception does the Beagle receive at New Zealand?
(a) a lackluster welcome from one canoe
(b) a thousand canoes of Maori
(c) no welcome at all
(d) a war party in canoes

7. What disturbs Darwin about the corn harvest in the area?
(a) the way it is harvested
(b) the color of the corn
(c) the convict slave labor
(d) the poor quality of the corn

8. Where does Darwin particularly admire the view?
(a) the summit of Bell Mountain
(b) the Aqua del Guanaco spring
(c) the Hacienda de San Isidro
(d) the copper mines of Jajuel

9. What social condition does Darwin argue against at the end of his book?
(a) poverty
(b) war
(c) slavery
(d) isolationism

10. Where does Darwin spend the night after descending the Blue Mountain plateau?
(a) at a cotton plantation
(b) at a modern inn
(c) at a sheep ranch
(d) at a mission

11. What is the product of the ugly palms Darwin sees going up the mountain?
(a) large dates used to feed cattle
(b) thatching for shack roofs
(c) sweet sap from which syrup is made
(d) fiber for making ropes

12. What does Darwin discover on the way back to Chile by way of the Uspallata pass north of Mendoza?
(a) hot springs where he stops to bathe
(b) ruins of an ancient civilization
(c) silicified wood in the form of standing tree trunks
(d) quarts cliffs of many colors

13. Where does Darwin see plants and animals similar to what he saw on the plains of Patagonia?
(a) at the summit of the mountains
(b) at their camp at Los Arenales
(c) at Machu Picchu
(d) in mountain caves

14. Arriving in Matavai Bay, what do they see coming toward the Beagle?
(a) floating logs from a recent tsunami
(b) many canoes launching from Tahiti
(c) Tahitians swimming out to greet them
(d) schools of porpoises

15. After sailing away from Chile, where does the Beagle go?
(a) Panama city
(b) Iquique in Peru
(c) Bogata, Columbia
(d) Lima, Peru

Short Answer Questions

1. What has meant giving up his usual social circles and going off into unknown territories to meet unforeseen hardships?

2. Where does Darwin find fossil rich deposits and evidence of a recent land elevation?

3. Walking along a road cut through the landscape, what does Darwin reflect on?

4. What must Darwin and his guide cross on the way back to Hacienda de San Isidro?

5. What does the host at the Hacienda de San Isidro provide for Darwin?

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