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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the stormy place the Beagle visits where the people raise pigs and potatoes and catch fish?
(a) the Virgin Islands
(b) the island of Chiloe
(c) the Isle of Man
(d) the island of Santiago

2. What does Darwin speculate about as he observes the snow melt percolating and loosening rocks?
(a) how rich ores are found
(b) how the geology develops
(c) how minerals are formed
(d) how plants are introduced

3. On his way up the coast of Chile toward Copiapo, why does Darwin turn inland toward the mining area?
(a) He is bored looking at the sea all the time.
(b) He hears about strange plant life at the mines.
(c) The coastline becomes impassable.
(d) He does not find much of interest along the coast.

4. Walking along a road cut through the landscape, what does Darwin reflect on?
(a) how civilization improves a land area
(b) how far the Beagle has traveled
(c) how at one time the land was covered with forests
(d) how devoid of resources New Zealand is

5. Where does Darwin particularly admire the view?
(a) the copper mines of Jajuel
(b) the Hacienda de San Isidro
(c) the summit of Bell Mountain
(d) the Aqua del Guanaco spring

6. What does Darwin see at Chatham Island?
(a) large pelicans along the coast
(b) rock dwelling monkeys
(c) thriving fishing villages
(d) huge tortoises weighing up to 200 pounds

7. How does Darwin compare the natives of New Zealand to the Tahitians?
(a) shorter and less attractive
(b) about the same
(c) better educated and more peaceful
(d) more warlike and unpleasant company

8. What do reddish brown clouds turn out to be?
(a) a reflection of the setting sun
(b) a desert dust storm
(c) a mirage
(d) a destructive swarm of locusts

9. What feeds the inhabitants' pigs and a large kind of crab on Keeling Island?
(a) berry bushes
(b) bananas
(c) wild rice
(d) coconut trees

10. What is the product of the ugly palms Darwin sees going up the mountain?
(a) thatching for shack roofs
(b) fiber for making ropes
(c) large dates used to feed cattle
(d) sweet sap from which syrup is made

11. Why does the Beagle stop for three days at the Chonos Archipelago?
(a) to look for crew members
(b) to replenish its supplies
(c) because of sickness
(d) because of a storm

12. Why do they have a problem with making a meal at 11,000 feet?
(a) The wind blows out their fire.
(b) Water boils at a very low temperature at this altitude.
(c) Their supplies are all frozen.
(d) There are few sticks to use for making a fire.

13. What do Darwin and some crew members walk on when they visit the island of San Pedro?
(a) hot rocks from a volcano
(b) layers of dry salt
(c) soft, black sand
(d) layers of logs several yards thick

14. What is the strange phenomenon Darwin sees at the mountain summit?
(a) rock flowers
(b) black rain
(c) red snow
(d) ice castles

15. What is Darwin's assessment of New Zealand?
(a) It is not a pleasant place.
(b) It is a paradise.
(c) It is too isolated.
(d) It is not diverse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Darwin see on the way to a saltpeter mine?

2. What does Darwin discover on the way back to Chile by way of the Uspallata pass north of Mendoza?

3. On his second attempt, what is Capt. Fitz Roy able to navigate successfully?

4. What must the people do at Iquique?

5. Leaving Lima, where does the Beagle sail?

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