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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Darwin compare the natives of New Zealand to the Tahitians?
(a) shorter and less attractive
(b) better educated and more peaceful
(c) about the same
(d) more warlike and unpleasant company

2. What unusual thing exists on another island some miles away from Keeling Island?
(a) fresh water wells
(b) strange monoliths
(c) deciduous trees
(d) hot spring geysers

3. What does Darwin find in relationship to his interest in plants and animals?
(a) almost no new species
(b) strange new species
(c) too much diversity to classify all
(d) specimens too large to take back

4. What does Darwin begin to notice about the different Galapagos islands?
(a) the natural inhabitants of each island differ in slight ways
(b) the animals and plants are all the same
(c) each island has different kinds of frogs
(d) the birds do not pass from one island to another

5. How does Darwin get to the Blue Mountains?
(a) across the Nepean River in a ferry boat
(b) in a buckboard wagon
(c) across the Australian desert
(d) riding a camel

6. What has meant giving up his usual social circles and going off into unknown territories to meet unforeseen hardships?
(a) Darwin's desire to get out of England
(b) Darwin's need for adventure
(c) Darwin's long voyage
(d) Darwin's post graduate education

7. What is it in which a large wooden spoon seems to dance to the rhythm of the music being played?
(a) a wedding ceremony
(b) an entertainment for children
(c) a superstitious play put on by the natives
(d) a war dance put on to frighten the Beagle crew

8. What happens at Valdivia?
(a) the Beagle runs aground
(b) a hailstorm
(c) a massive earthquake
(d) the Beagle hits a reef

9. Who are the six sailors who show up at the Beagle?
(a) keepers of a lighthouse
(b) runaways from a whaling ship
(c) guards from a prisoner ship
(d) survivors of a shipwreck

10. Where does Darwin find mostly desert with a few mines of low quality here and there?
(a) the northern part of Chile
(b) the eastern part of Chile
(c) the coastal part of Chile
(d) the central part of Chile

11. Who are the unusually tall people compared to other natives of the area?
(a) the Tierrans
(b) the Argentinians
(c) the Incas
(d) the Patagonians

12. What does Darwin see that is the size of a rabbit but looks like a kangaroo?
(a) a kangaroo rat
(b) a jackalope
(c) a kangaroo cat
(d) a jack rabbit

13. Where does Darwin particularly admire the view?
(a) the Aqua del Guanaco spring
(b) the summit of Bell Mountain
(c) the Hacienda de San Isidro
(d) the copper mines of Jajuel

14. Headed back towards Chiloe, what does Darwin observe at night?
(a) a pod of whales following the ship
(b) the phosphorescent sea creatures
(c) the clarity of the stars
(d) the volcanic activity of mount Corcovado

15. Why can Darwin not explore the forest of Chiloe?
(a) It is filled with poisonous plants.
(b) It is held sacred by the natives.
(c) It is too wet to support horse or man,
(d) It is too thick to pass through.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Darwin and some crew members walk on when they visit the island of San Pedro?

2. What impresses Darwin about the Tahitians?

3. What keeps Darwin on board the Beagle after it sails to Lima?

4. Where does Darwin find olive and orange trees and many varieties of vegetables?

5. What does Darwin say is too great and ambitious for affection, yet not great enough for respect?

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