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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ill accuse the townspeople of doing in Act 2, Scene 3?
(a) Smothering him.
(b) Bribing him.
(c) Crowding him.
(d) Kidnapping him.

2. What was the year in which the paternity trial took place?
(a) 1910.
(b) 1920.
(c) 1935.
(d) 1940.

3. From what language is The Visit translated?
(a) German.
(b) French.
(c) Spanish.
(d) Swiss.

4. To whom does the mayor make a toast in Act 1, Scene 1?
(a) Ill.
(b) Claire.
(c) Boby.
(d) Toby.

5. Who says in Act 2, Scene 3, "I don't know what you're trying to do. It's up to you to go. Just get on the train"?
(a) The Policeman.
(b) Ill's wife.
(c) The Mayor.
(d) The Priest.

6. What is Ill's first name in the play?
(a) Gustov.
(b) Jacob.
(c) Wilheim.
(d) Alfred.

7. In Act 2, Scene 3, what music is playing?
(a) A folk song.
(b) A wedding march.
(c) A classical dirge.
(d) A funeral march.

8. Who buys Cognac in Ill's store?
(a) Fritzman.
(b) Helmesberger.
(c) Nielsen.
(d) Brygman.

9. What/who is shot in front of Ill's shop in Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) Claire.
(b) The lion.
(c) Ill.
(d) The panther.

10. What does the Priest tell Ill is rising in Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) The spectre of his guilt.
(b) The suffering of mankind.
(c) The spectre of his soul.
(d) The realization of his crimes.

11. What are the names of Claire's gum chewing brutes?
(a) Joey and Roby.
(b) Josey and Moby.
(c) Moby and Toby.
(d) Toby and Roby.

12. Who does the Priest ask to button his soutane?
(a) Sexton.
(b) Eryk.
(c) Sutton.
(d) Choirboy.

13. Who in the town owns a car, according to the Mayor in Act 1, Scene 2?
(a) The doctor.
(b) Himself.
(c) Ill.
(d) The priest.

14. What does the Mayor inform Ill in Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) He is going to be killed.
(b) He is going to jail.
(c) He won't be mayor.
(d) His marriage is null.

15. What does the mayor have sitting on his desk in Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) A sword.
(b) A revolver.
(c) A shotgun.
(d) A dagger.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who first calls out to Ill in Act 2, Scene 3?

2. The sign at the train station in Act 2 says, "Visit the Passion Plays in _______."

3. Where did the millionairess found a kindergarten?

4. Who was Claire's third husband?

5. Where does Ill tell the townspeople he is going to emigrate to in Act 2, Scene 3?

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