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This is the setting of the play. It is a fictional town somewhere in central Europe.

The Train Station

This is where the play begins.

Petersen's Barn

This is one of the sites Claire wishes to visit upon her return. When they were young, Claire and Ill made love there.

Konrad's Village Wood

Claire visits this place with Ill, and it is where Ill meets Claire to talk to her before his death.

The Golden Apostle

This is the town's hotel.

Ill's Shop

This place sells mainly food and drinks.

The Town Hall

This is where the townspeople decide to accept Claire's offer and kill Ill.

The Coffin

Claire brings this with her and sets it up prominently in the hotel.

The Cathedral

This is where the black panther escapes to and it is where Claire marries her eighth husband.

The Black Panther

Claire brings a this...

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