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Lesson 1 (from Act I, Scene I)


Introduction to the Play and Playwright:

Friedrich Durrenmatt (1921-1990) was a Swiss author, painter, and playwright of largely epic, avant-garde dramas and satires. Durrenmatt was born in the canton of Bern, Switzerland, and his family relocated to Zurich where he studied German philosophy and literature at the University of Zurich but relocated back to Bern after one semester in 1941. Today's class will examine the playwright, his life, career, and other works.


1) Class Discussion: Introduce the play to the class. The Visit by Friedrich Durrenmatt is a tragicomedy. It is described as part macabre satire, part parable, and part tragedy by most commentators, although the author denies it as an allegorical tale.

Give the class a basic overview of the playwright. Durrenmatt's writing and style in this and other works is overt in displaying his influences from Europe and World War II.

2) Research Activity: Allow students...

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