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Act I, Scene I

• Various men of the town of Guellen are gathered at the train station where a decrease in train traffic is indicative of Guellen's overall financial troubles.

• They look forward with great expectation to the visit of a millionaire woman.

• Guellen is her hometown, and she is known for her charitable donations to many other cities.
• A bailiff arrives looking for property to confiscate to pay off debts owed by the town, but the mayor assures him that there is nothing left to take.

• The men note sorrowfully that Claire is their only hope of salvation. "God won't pay." The mayor tries to gather some facts to use in his speech for her arrival from the schoolteacher and Ill, her former lover when they were young.

• The men are placing their hopes on that relationship and hope Ill can seduce her into giving them money...

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