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Short Answer Questions

1. How much time elapses between the first Lisbon girl's attempt at suicide and the last Lisbon girl's attempt?

2. Which Lisbon sister used a depilatory wax?

3. Whose late arrival gives life to the party?

4. On what kind of "tour" is Mr. Lisbon taken on in Chapter 2?

5. How does Cecilia first attempt suicide?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the appearance of Cecilia's diary.

2. Describe Cecilia Lisbon's first attempt at suicide.

3. What do the adult boys discover about Mr. and Mrs. Lisbon after speaking to Mr. Lisbon?

4. What does Cecilia look like in her coffin?

5. Why were the boys happy that Joe came to the party?

6. What are Cecilia's two moods toward the end of the diary?

7. How did the emergency workers retrieve Cecilia's body?

8. What happens in the Baldinos' backyard to arouse neighborhood suspicions?

9. What major revelation do the boys have upon entering the Lisbon girls' party?

10. Describe Cecilia's bedroom.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Most people, after a tragedy, look for something or someone on whom to put the blame, even if it is the victim(s). This happens several times throughout the course of the novel. Please discuss at least three ways in which a character tries to place blame, including on whom/what, why, and how it affects other characters/the story itself.

Essay Topic 2

The character of Dr. Hornicker recurs throughout the novel. What is his significance? How does he contribute to the story? What is his effect, if any, on the Lisbon family?

Essay Topic 3

In the days leading up to and including the multiple suicides, the boys go through a wide variety of emotions. How do the girls' actions affect them? Are the girls leading them along, or are the boys truly emotionally invested? Do they only feel what the girls intend them to? What is their final conclusion as they stare at Bonnie's body hanging from a rafter?

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