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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the men of the neighborhood try to remove?
(a) The Lisbons' fence.
(b) A dying elm tree.
(c) A stone wall.
(d) A rusted-out car.

2. What feature of the cemetery where Cecilia's funeral is held stands out most to the mourners?
(a) It's crowded.
(b) It's well-tended.
(c) It's flat.
(d) It's sunny.

3. How does Old Mrs. Karafilis travel up and down stairs?
(a) She walks on her own.
(b) Using a rope tied around her waist.
(c) She gets carried.
(d) She uses a walker.

4. How does Cecilia succeed in killing herself?
(a) She slits her wrists.
(b) She hangs herself.
(c) She impales herself on a fence.
(d) She takes sleeping pills.

5. What do the Lisbons and Trip watch on TV?
(a) Baseball.
(b) A concert.
(c) A Disney program.
(d) The news.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which sister interrupts one of the boys in his search through their bathroom?

2. What does Bonnie do outside the house each night?

3. What do the girls order to help them escape their boredom?

4. Which Lisbon girl is thought of as "the weird sister"?

5. Who finds Cecilia after her first suicide attempt?

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