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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who finds Cecilia after her first suicide attempt?
(a) Lux Lisbon.
(b) Paul Baldino.
(c) Mrs. Lisbon.
(d) Peter Sissen.

2. Where do the boys congregate after changing out of their party clothes?
(a) Mr. Larson's Oldsmobile.
(b) The Lisbons' yard.
(c) Paul Baldino's home.
(d) Chase Buell's roof.

3. Who takes Cecilia's diary from the Lisbon house?
(a) The chimney sweep.
(b) The plumber's assistant.
(c) The electrician.
(d) The plumber.

4. Who leaves the party early?
(a) Cecilia Lisbon.
(b) Mrs. Lisbon.
(c) Diana Porter.
(d) Joe the Retard.

5. Which of these things is not found in Cecilia's room by Lucy Brock?
(a) Black underwear.
(b) Tarot cards.
(c) A zodiac mobile.
(d) A Ouija board.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which sister interrupts one of the boys in his search through their bathroom?

2. Which Lisbon girl has a chipped tooth?

3. Which of the following drawings is not found in Cecilia's diary?

4. Whose late arrival gives life to the party?

5. What prompts Lux to write all over her binder and her underwear?

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