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Cecilia's diary - This object was found by a worker and given to the neighborhood boys, who pore over it as they try in vain to decode the deeper meaning of its content.

The 1920s wedding dress - This object belonged to Cecilia, and was something she had on at almost all times.

The big city - This is a nameless location near the suburb, both feared and purposely ignored by the isolated suburban community.

The bra - This object, stolen from the Lisbon house by Peter Sissen, belonged to Lux and was found hanging suggestively on a crucifix.

The Bon Secours Hospital - This is where the paramedics take the girls when they get sick or injured.

The Buells' house - This location is used as a gathering place by the boys to evaluate their options, plan their actions, and discuss their latest findings.

The Elm...

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