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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

The titles of books can mean many things, and are often understood only after reading the text. This novel in particular has a provocative title sure to capture the interest of teens (especially since there is a fairly recent movie version of it that they may have seen).

This story is told almost entirely in flashback, although the very first paragraph "gives away," to an extent, the story's ending. The objective of this lesson is twofold: first, to discuss the possible implications of the title and second, to read the first paragraph in isolation and determine what information is disclosed there.


1. In-class writing assignment: Take 5-10 minutes and have each student write down what s/he thinks the title means: what do they think will be the story, focus, theme of this novel?

2. Class discussion: Ask for volunteers to share their thoughts on the...

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