The Virgin Suicides Character Descriptions

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The neighborhood boys

These characters are the voices behind the collective "we" narration of The Virgin Suicides.

Mrs. Lisbon

This character's age and first name are never revealed. A devoted, traditional Catholic, this character almost never leaves the confines of the family's home.

Mr. Lisbon

This character is an avid baseball fan and works as a math teacher at the same high school attended by every teenager in the neighborhood.

Cecilia Lisbon

This character's first, unsuccessful attempt at suicide occurs in the family bathtub; a second attempt, jumping out the bedroom window and becoming impaled on the fence, succeeds during a chaperoned party.

Lux Lisbon

This fourteen-year-old is slim, sexy, very attractive, and engages in a somewhat promiscuous lifestyle.

Bonnie Lisbon

This character is fifteen years old, often appears on the porch reciting the rosary, and is discovered by the narrators hanging from a beam located in the...

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