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Chapter 1

• Mary Lisbon is carried out of her house on a stretcher after attempting suicide with sleeping pills.

• Flashing back thirteen months, the narrators describe paramedics arriving in response to the youngest Lisbon sister, Cecilia, attempting suicide by slashing her wrists in a warm bath, and taking her to the hospital.

• Peter Sissen, the only boy who had ever entered the Lisbon house, brought back descriptions of the girls' personal belongings and habits.

• Paul Baldino vows to one-up Peter by watching the girls shower, and, after sneaking into the house via the storm sewer system, is the one to find Cecilia and call the paramedics.

• The psychiatrist at the hospital proclaims that Cecilia never actually wanted to end her life and recommends that her parents relax their strict rules.

• The Lisbon girls hold a party, at which the boys discover the individuality of the Lisbon girls.

• After leaving...

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