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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was "lamentable" about the North beating the South in the Civil War, according to Mencken?
(a) The slaves were freed.
(b) The South's aristocracy was destroyed.
(c) The quality of tobacco was never the same.
(d) Technological innovation was delayed by 25 years.

2. How would Mencken respond to the notion that William Jennings Bryan was an earnest man?
(a) He was not earnest; he was inherently two-faced.
(b) Earnest or no, he did the right thing in the Scopes monkey trial.
(c) He might have been earnest, but that was about his only admirable quality.
(d) He was earnest to the public, but in private he was a swindler and schemer.

3. What did Mencken call for in "Mencken's Last Stand"?
(a) For president Harry S. Truman to resign.
(b) For the world to leave him alone.
(c) An end to segregation.
(d) A more intelligent approach to chiropractic.

4. What was the subject of "A Good Man Gone Wrong"?
(a) A man who murdered at the request of another man's wife.
(b) A man who robbed in order to feed his family.
(c) A man who heckled an animal at the zoo, and got arrested.
(d) A man who was jailed for protesting World War I.

5. What was the result of Mencken's attempt to trace the lineage of the Anglo-Saxon race?
(a) He pointed out that the race was never the same after a battle in 1066.
(b) He traced it to a tribe in Western Africa.
(c) Mencken claimed, sarcastically, that he himself represents the apex of the race.
(d) It was too complicated, and he gave up.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to "Exeunt Omnes," Mencken was disappointed with the amount of books dedicated to which subject?

2. In "The Wallace Paranoia," who was Mencken referring to with the phrase "raisins in the bread."

3. Why, according to Mencken, do virtuous people end up sinning the worst?

4. Which of the following was true in regard to statements made by Mencken about chiropractic?

5. What was the subject of "The Noble Experiment"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the religious service Mencken witnessed in "The Hills of Zion."

2. What caused Mencken to question the American psyche in "The Libido for the Ugly"?

3. What was Mencken's opinion of stage acting?

4. What did Mencken feel were the true and most damaging consequences of the Civil War, according to "The Calamity of Appomattox"?

5. Why are artists "anti-patriotic," according to Mencken in "The Artist"?

6. What was Mencken's opinion of chiropractic?

7. How did Mencken distinguish between plutocracy and aristocracy in "A Glance Ahead"?

8. According to Mencken in "The Calamity of Appomattox," what would have happened if the Civil War had never happened?

9. What did Mencken conclude about his research into the court cases of Oliver Wendell Holmes?

10. For what reasons did Mencken admire Grover Cleveland?

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