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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Mencken appraise Valentino in their dinner meeting?
(a) Valentino was a noble soul questioning his vulgar acting profession.
(b) Valentino was a brute who did not deserve his fame or money.
(c) Valentino was a genius who would be better suited as a scientist or engineer.
(d) Valentino was a ham actor of the highest order.

2. What was unique to the American psyche according to Mencken in "Libido for the Ugly"?
(a) A tendency to be rude and loud during movie screenings.
(b) Sexual arousal when viewing art objects.
(c) A queer fascination with ugliness.
(d) An obsession with staying thin.

3. Who was FDR's chief opponent in the Democratic Convention of 1932?
(a) Al Smith.
(b) Henry Cabot Lodge.
(c) Woodrow Wilson.
(d) William Randolph Hearst.

4. What city was featured in "The Libido for the Ugly"?
(a) Baltimore, Maryland.
(b) Washington, D. C.
(c) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
(d) Dayton, Ohio.

5. What did Mencken conclude in his examination of rulings in "Mr. Justice Holmes"?
(a) Mencken slyly suggests Holmes should tuck chickens under his arms because of his chicken-like cowardice.
(b) Justice Holmes rendered fantastically bizarre rulings, and should be impeached.
(c) Justice Holmes ruled too often for rabble-rousers, and not often enough for the aristocracy.
(d) Justice Holmes ruled too often in favor of the powers that be, rather than the people.

Short Answer Questions

1. What problem did Mencken have with Justice Holmes' final court case?

2. What theoretical scenario did Mencken pose in "The Calamity of Appomattox"?

3. What might Mencken say about a writer's sense of beauty?

4. What was the subject of Mencken's final published article?

5. Which of the following is a trait of the Anglo-Saxon race, per "The Anglo-Saxon"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What aspect of death interested Mencken the most?

2. Contemporaries wrote that Calvin Coolidge bore several similarities to Abraham Lincoln. Why did Mencken disagree with this claim?

3. How did Mencken distinguish between plutocracy and aristocracy in "A Glance Ahead"?

4. Why did Mencken miss corporal punishment in schools in "Travail"?

5. What opinions did Mencken render in "Masters of Tone"?

6. What examples did Mencken provide to support his judgment of Anglo-Saxons?

7. According to Mencken in "The Calamity of Appomattox," what would have happened if the Civil War had never happened?

8. How was FDR able to win the Democratic National Convention of 1932?

9. What opinion was rendered about William Jennings Bryan in "In Memoriam: W.J.B."?

10. What caused Mencken to question the American psyche in "The Libido for the Ugly"?

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