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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Mencken, why was Samuel Johnson unique as an artist?
(a) He never cared about his own fame or legacy.
(b) He always gave to charity, and artists are infamous misers.
(c) He has a particularly thrilling prose style.
(d) He never turned against his country, unlike all artists.

2. Why did Mencken call democracy a "self-limiting disease"?
(a) Members of the Democratic Party inflict damage on themselves through numerous scandals.
(b) Democracy achieves equality, and once equality is achieved, democracy has nothing to accomplish.
(c) Democracy does damage, but the damage it can do is limited.
(d) Democracy is able to place limits on the power of politicians.

3. Which of the following was true in regard to statements made by Mencken about chiropractic?
(a) There was no, and would never be, any beneficial effect of chiropractic.
(b) Chiropractic sprang from a perversion of brain science.
(c) Chiropractors were made up of intellectual heavyweights and aristocrats.
(d) The deaths of chiropractic patients was welcome, as it would mean less stupid people in the world.

4. In "The Hills of Zion," why did a woman warn against the reading of books?
(a) She asked, What knowledge could exist outside of the Bible?
(b) Only a congregation's preacher should take on the responsibility of reading.
(c) Reading would require too much effort.
(d) She believed that books are full of snakes and corn cobs.

5. What was the art discussed in "The Comedian"?
(a) Street musicianship.
(b) Television situational comedy.
(c) Stage acting.
(d) Pantomime.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following was NOT an attribute of an artist, as Mencken describes in "The Artist"?

2. How had Wallace behaved in "The Wallace Paranoia"?

3. How did Mencken describe the music of Chopin?

4. Why did Valentino invite Mencken to dinner?

5. Who was FDR's chief opponent in the Democratic Convention of 1932?

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