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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was early Christianity superior to modern Christianity, per "Holy Writ"?
(a) It featured a lot less sermonizing.
(b) Early Christianity had a less strict interpretation of Biblical stories.
(c) It featured more moral instructions.
(d) Services took place in cold places, to ensure better concentration.

2. According to "The New Architecture," when will Man have "built his own prison"?
(a) When people build houses using the style of English Eighteenth Century.
(b) When Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is not heralded as a champion of new design.
(c) When new architecture is replaced by neoclassical architecture.
(d) When he replaces Gothic architecture with Modernist architecture.

3. What did Mencken mean by the term "Ku Kluxry"?
(a) Racism.
(b) Dressing in silly clothes.
(c) Bedsheets.
(d) Cultural superiority.

4. What was the art discussed in "The Comedian"?
(a) Pantomime.
(b) Stage acting.
(c) Television situational comedy.
(d) Street musicianship.

5. What point did Mencken make when referring to the picture of a French soldier who was deformed with multiple amputations in war?
(a) Mencken imagined that the soldier likely sought a glorious death in battle, but now has to live life in a pathetic state.
(b) The French were brave people, indeed.
(c) Mencken thought it was terribly sad that the man will not be able to walk into heaven.
(d) The soldier made the noblest of sacrifices, and will be remembered forever.

6. What did Mencken attribute to the fall of the "good man" in "A Good Man Gone Wrong"?
(a) An "unspeakable force in the universe."
(b) A nagging housewife.
(c) A Presbyterian upbringing.
(d) A runaway automobile.

7. What was NOT a feature of chiropractors, according to "Chiropractic"?
(a) They did no good, and may in fact cause harm.
(b) They were quacks.
(c) They had a good deal of anatomical knowledge.
(d) They were retired baseball players or piano movers.

8. What was the nature of the analogy Mencken uses involving Oliver Wendell Holmes, a hammer, and a feather?
(a) Holmes touched the sky with feathers, and then built a castle in the sky with a hammer.
(b) Holmes stuffed a mattress with feathers, but then beat the mattress flat with a hammer.
(c) Holmes tickled with feathers, but never punished with a hammer.
(d) Holmes wrote with a feather (quill), but legislated with a hammer.

9. In "Valentino," what did the press find in a men's bathroom that caused them to mock Valentino and his "Latin Lover" image?
(a) A bar of lavender-scented soap-on-a-rope.
(b) Pink talcum-powder.
(c) Women's perfume.
(d) Underwear with a hole in it.

10. What was the point of the section, "Sententiae"?
(a) Mencken railed against the European royal class.
(b) It was a collection of humorous and witty Mencken sayings.
(c) Mencken attempted to get a judge thrown off a case.
(d) It was a personal letter from Mencken to his wife, in order to show Mencken's softer side.

11. What memorable simile did Mencken use for Grover Cleveland?
(a) Cleveland was like a fragile butterfly with wings of dynamite.
(b) Cleveland was like a steel ship loaded with monoliths of granite.
(c) Cleveland was like a crocodile waiting to snap his jaws around the American public.
(d) Cleveland was like a newborn babe gazing at the stars for the first time.

12. What would best describe Mencken's attitude toward Oliver Wendell Holmes?
(a) He was a quack chiropractor.
(b) He was a Liberal hero in name only.
(c) He was a fantastic advocate of progressive causes.
(d) His rulings were thoroughly corrupt.

13. What was the flaw of FDR's opponent in the Democratic National Convention of 1932?
(a) He was a complete political rookie.
(b) He was blinded by his hatred for FDR.
(c) He was ruined by a scandal involving adultery.
(d) He was too old, and he looked like a mummy next to FDR.

14. Which is the best style of architecture, according to Mencken?
(a) Art Nouveau.
(b) Futurism.
(c) English Eighteenth Century.
(d) Modernism.

15. According to Mencken, what if there had not been a Civil War in the United States?
(a) The South would have gotten rid of slavery anyway.
(b) The South would be a desolate place full of "cow towns" with no culture.
(c) The South would have retained slavery as an institution.
(d) The South would have been devastated economically.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Roosevelt's strategy at the Democratic National Convention of 1932?

2. According to Mencken, how might Calvin Coolidge had handled the Great Depression?

3. What was Mencken's phrase for religious fundamentalism?

4. What was the function of the Bill of Rights, per "Mr. Justice Holmes"?

5. Which of the following is a trait of the Anglo-Saxon race, per "The Anglo-Saxon"?

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