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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For the most part, what is one thing the narrator say determines what the soldiers carried with them?
(a) Nutrition.
(b) Orders.
(c) Medical requirements.
(d) Necessity.

2. Where are Jane's parents drinking on the train?
(a) The Stargazers Lounge.
(b) The Starstruck Lounge.
(c) The Starlight Lounge.
(d) The Starlit Room.

3. What question does G.R. ask Cody after hearing the story of what happened to Cody after his nap on the rocks?
(a) "Were you as frightened as you thought you would be?"
(b) "How did you get up there by yourself?"
(c) "What were you doing up there with all the ice?"
(d) "Is it true that your whole life passes before your eyes?"

4. What do Connie and Arnold find they are both listening to on the radio at the same time?
(a) Bob Dylan.
(b) Rolling Stones.
(c) Elvis.
(d) Bobby King.

5. In Rules of the Game, who in the narrator's family received a chess set at the annual church Christmas party?
(a) Her aunt Jade.
(b) Her sister June.
(c) Her father Anton.
(d) Her brother Vincent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator of Men Under Water do for a living?

2. At dinner, how does Jane introduce herself and Danica to the couple at their table?

3. In the story Dog Heaven, what game does the narrator play with Sparky Smith?

4. Where does the narrator of Lawns work?

5. In Daddy Garbage, who is Lemuel Strayhorn?

Short Essay Questions

1. Before she dies, what story does Margaret tell Evie and Lydia that change their lives?

2. In the story Home, what does the narrator's mother say to her to convince the narrator to move in with her for awhile? What help does she offer her daughter in the move?

3. In Rules of the Game, what is Meimei's mother's "chang"?

4. What inspiration does Gunther in Men Under Water get about his next screenplay after visiting Acid Rain? Who does he find waiting for him at his home when he and the narrator pull up to his house?

5. Why does Daniel not want the narrator of Home to see his back?

6. In the short story Aunt Granny Lith, who is Aunt Granny Lith?

7. In the story Dog Heaven, who is Sparky Smith and what game does he and the narrator play together?

8. Who is the main character of Departures? How old is he when the story opens? Where is he going?

9. How do the boys in Murderers get caught on their misadventure, and what happens to them?

10. What are some of the superstitious things the soldiers carry with them, and what is the most unusual of them?

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