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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What unusual injury befalls Terrence Weber in Emergency?
(a) His wife stabs him in the heart.
(b) His wife stabs him in the leg.
(c) His wife stabs him in the stomach.
(d) His wife stabs him in the eye.

2. What instructions does the speaker give in The Girl about eating?
(a) Eat so that you get the most food.
(b) Eat so that no one around you is disgusted.
(c) Eat quickly so as to resume your duties.
(d) Eat alone so as to have some quiet time.

3. In Tall Tales from the Mekong Delta, where is the protagonist going when she first meets Lenny?
(a) To the movies.
(b) To work.
(c) To her AA meeting.
(d) To the grocery.

4. What is Georgie's job at the hospital?
(a) He is a doctor.
(b) He is an orderly.
(c) He is a janitor.
(d) He is a practical nurse.

5. What does Louise have hidden in the back of her closet behind her stuffed animals?
(a) Candy.
(b) Books on dieting.
(c) Colas.
(d) Pictures of thin women.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the young girl carrying with her on the first day?

2. When does the story Wickedness take place?

3. What does Georgie hit when he is driving around with the narrator after their shifts?

4. In what condition does Varig arrive at Tusend Hjem on the night of the meeting?

5. What do Robert and the husband end up doing at the end of the television show?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Hattie Benedict in Wickedness, and how does she survive the blizzard?

2. What happens to Ad Magic in the beginning of A White Horse, and how do the people he is with react to his situation?

3. In the story Wickedness, what happens in Nebraska on the twelfth of January, 1888? How does this affect the townspeople?

4. In the story Chopin in Winter, what do Michael and Dzia-Dzia talk about at night and why?

5. In the story Cathedral, who is Robert and how does he enter the story?

6. How does the woman in The Darling meet Lenny?

7. What memory does Bryan relate in the third part of the story Minor Heroism?

8. In the story Minor Heroism, who is Bryan, and what about him bothers his father?

9. Where does Magic find the white horse, in what condition is the horse, and who does he call for help?

10. What story does Edna tell the narrator of Rock Springs about her pet, a monkey?

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