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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What lie does Blankenship tell everyone?
(a) He is a published author.
(b) He is a Vietnam veteran.
(c) He is an idiot savant.
(d) He is Einstein's great grandson.

2. What happens to Cody as he turns to go home from his nap on the rocks?
(a) He slips and falls to the rocks below.
(b) He trips over a tree root and nearly falls.
(c) He slips and slides toward the edge of the summit.
(d) He yells to G.R. and starts an avalanche.

3. Where does Margaret explain her grandmother's wedding dress is?
(a) The Field Museum in Chicago.
(b) The Metropolitan Museum in New York.
(c) The Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis.
(d) The St. Louis Art Museum.

4. At dinner, how does Jane introduce herself and Danica to the couple at their table?
(a) As Crystal and Clara, twin sisters.
(b) As Cathy and Carra, acrobats.
(c) As Jane and Danica, musical talents.
(d) As Carrin and Clara, twin gymnasts.

5. Who does Connie meet in the drive-in restaurant at night?
(a) Eddie.
(b) Roger.
(c) Tommy.
(d) Danny.

6. Who gives birth at the end of Daddy Garbage?
(a) Liza.
(b) Abigail.
(c) Lizabeth.
(d) Sandra.

7. In the story Lawns, how does the narrator identify herself in the first sentence of the story?
(a) She lies.
(b) She kills.
(c) She blackmails.
(d) She steals.

8. What question does G.R. ask Cody after hearing the story of what happened to Cody after his nap on the rocks?
(a) "Were you as frightened as you thought you would be?"
(b) "How did you get up there by yourself?"
(c) "What were you doing up there with all the ice?"
(d) "Is it true that your whole life passes before your eyes?"

9. Who dies on the day of the narrator's story in Murderers?
(a) Arnold Bloom.
(b) Harold Cohen.
(c) Melvin Bloom.
(d) Marsha Bernstein.

10. Who does Lemuel Strayhorn ask to help him with his and Daddy Garbage's discovery?
(a) John French.
(b) John Fargone.
(c) John Smith.
(d) John Mathers.

11. Where does the narrator of the story Home go on Saturdays?
(a) The Veterans of Foreign Wars rummage sales.
(b) The grocery store.
(c) The movies.
(d) The public library in the next town.

12. In Murderers, what music could the boys hear from their vantage point?
(a) A rumba.
(b) A symphony.
(c) Jazz.
(d) Rock music.

13. What does the narrator of Men Under Water do for a living?
(a) He is a handyman and general helper.
(b) He is poet.
(c) He is an experienced playwriter.
(d) He is an actor.

14. In Cody's Story, who is Cody's partner?
(a) G.R. Trimble
(b) G.R. Thompson.
(c) G.R. Tailer.
(d) G.R. Treshman.

15. Where are Jane's parents drinking on the train?
(a) The Starlit Room.
(b) The Stargazers Lounge.
(c) The Starlight Lounge.
(d) The Starstruck Lounge.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Aunt Granny Lith haunt Casey in his marriage?

2. Who is in the car with Arnold when he comes to Connie's house?

3. Where do the narrator of Rules of the Game and her family live?

4. In Dog Heaven, who is Duke?

5. Where do the narrator of Dog Heaven and her family live?

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