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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who dies on the day of the narrator's story in Murderers?
(a) Arnold Bloom.
(b) Harold Cohen.
(c) Marsha Bernstein.
(d) Melvin Bloom.

2. What does the narrator of Men Under Water do for a living?
(a) He is an experienced playwriter.
(b) He is a handyman and general helper.
(c) He is an actor.
(d) He is poet.

3. What does Lieutenant Jimmy Cross and his men do after Lavender is taken away by the chopper?
(a) They leave Lavender's belongings in Than Khe.
(b) They burns down Than Khe.
(c) They evacuate women and children from Than Khe.
(d) They recruit the men from Than Khe.

4. In The Things They Carried, how does Ted Lavendar die?
(a) He is shot in the head.
(b) He has a heart attack from fear.
(c) He is shot in the back.
(d) He is hit by a grenade.

5. In Lawns, how does the narrator describe her mother?
(a) "Ms. America."
(b) "Ms. Everything-will-be-alright."
(c) "Ms. I-know-everything-and-you-don't."
(d) "Ms. I'm-going-to-be-perfect."

6. Where does the narrator of the story Home go on Saturdays?
(a) The Veterans of Foreign Wars rummage sales.
(b) The public library in the next town.
(c) The grocery store.
(d) The movies.

7. What do the two men who come to visit Gunther leave with him as they go?
(a) Twenty thousand dollars in cash.
(b) Their Mercedes.
(c) Their standard poodle George.
(d) A check for good-faith money for the movie.

8. What does the priest say to his mother when he sees her?
(a) "It is too noisy out here to talk."
(b) "Let us go inside for a hug and a kiss."
(c) "I will kiss you on the cheek but do not touch me."
(d) "Do not kiss me in public, it is embarrassing."

9. In the story Murderers, what does Melvin Bloom tell the boys on the corner one summer afternoon?
(a) There is a craps game in the alley.
(b) The rabbi is home with his wife.
(c) Marsha Bernstein is walking toward them.
(d) The donut shop is giving away donuts.

10. Where does the narrator of Lawns go to college?
(a) Oakland.
(b) Amherst.
(c) Berkeley.
(d) Radcliffe.

11. In his dream, what does the priest see the soldier do?
(a) Take his turn and win the game.
(b) Walk away holding the dice.
(c) Die before he can throw the dice.
(d) Take his turn and hand the dice to him.

12. What happens to Cody as he turns to go home from his nap on the rocks?
(a) He slips and falls to the rocks below.
(b) He trips over a tree root and nearly falls.
(c) He slips and slides toward the edge of the summit.
(d) He yells to G.R. and starts an avalanche.

13. Five years after her husband dies, with what is the priest's mother suffering?
(a) Epilepsy.
(b) Parkinson's.
(c) Cancer.
(d) Senility.

14. In the story Dog Heaven, what game does the narrator play with Sparky Smith?
(a) Kickball.
(b) Knockout.
(c) Knockdown.
(d) Football.

15. Where does Strayhorn find his friend John?
(a) At the cafeteria.
(b) At work in the shoe store.
(c) At the Bucket of Blood.
(d) At the Bucket of Chicken.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Buck in Cody's Story?

2. Where is the story Murderers set?

3. At dinner, how does Jane introduce herself and Danica to the couple at their table?

4. What does the narrator of the story Home do for a living while she is living with her mother?

5. What do Margaret's family members learn about Dr. Sakuma?

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