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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Aunt Granny Lith, what does Nomey give Beth to wear?
(a) A chain or garlic.
(b) A new dress.
(c) A piece of moley root.
(d) A gold necklace.

2. What does the narrator of the story Home do for a living while she is living with her mother?
(a) She is a math tutor.
(b) She is a second grade teacher.
(c) She is a tutor for remedial reading students.
(d) She is a school counselor.

3. What person do both the narrator and her mother of Home think about simultaneously?
(a) Jason.
(b) Richard.
(c) Simon.
(d) Robert.

4. In Daddy Garbage, who is Lemuel Strayhorn?
(a) An ice cream peddler.
(b) A snowball cart owner.
(c) A shoe salesman.
(d) A policeman.

5. In Aunt Granny Lith, when did Casey's first wife die?
(a) A month after the wedding.
(b) The day after their child was born.
(c) The day after the wedding.
(d) Six years after they were married.

6. What does the priest read while he is sitting at his mother's death bed?
(a) Einstein.
(b) Wordsworth.
(c) The Bible.
(d) Shakespeare.

7. Where is Elliot's office?
(a) In a medical plaza.
(b) In the courthouse.
(c) In the state hospital.
(d) In the university science building.

8. Who gives birth at the end of Daddy Garbage?
(a) Lizabeth.
(b) Liza.
(c) Abigail.
(d) Sandra.

9. What does Lieutenant Jimmy Cross and his men do after Lavender is taken away by the chopper?
(a) They burns down Than Khe.
(b) They evacuate women and children from Than Khe.
(c) They leave Lavender's belongings in Than Khe.
(d) They recruit the men from Than Khe.

10. Where does Beth tell Casey he has to go by himself the evening of the full moon?
(a) To the doctor to get a check up.
(b) To Flatgap and into the log.
(c) To town to get a crib.
(d) To Flatgap to make a bonfire.

11. Who is Daddy Garbage?
(a) An old man.
(b) The main character of the story.
(c) A dog.
(d) A horse.

12. Where do the narrator of Rules of the Game and her family live?
(a) In New York's Chinatown.
(b) In San Francisco's Chinatown.
(c) In Chicago's Chinatown.
(d) In China.

13. In Rules of the Game, who in the narrator's family received a chess set at the annual church Christmas party?
(a) Her aunt Jade.
(b) Her sister June.
(c) Her brother Vincent.
(d) Her father Anton.

14. What is Acid Rain?
(a) A group of college students who rent Gunther's apartment.
(b) A environmental awareness club.
(c) An actress who rents one of Gunther's houses.
(d) A rock band who rents one of Gunther's houses.

15. In Murderers, who runs the camp to which the narrator goes in New Jersey?
(a) Camp counselors.
(b) Musicians.
(c) Marsha Bernstein's father.
(d) WWII veterans.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the story Trains, how old are Danica and Jane?

2. Where is the story Murderers set?

3. How are the characters in Trains traveling to Florida?

4. What question does G.R. ask Cody after hearing the story of what happened to Cody after his nap on the rocks?

5. What does Daddy Garbage discover in an alley?

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