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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mama Wewe attend singing services?
(a) She is looking for a place to find peace
(b) To learn English
(c) She wants to develop her voice
(d) She feels the need to worship

2. What object is under a glass dome on the mantle of Mama Wewe's home?
(a) A bust of her father
(b) A lock of Cesario's hair
(c) A clock
(d) A silver ring

3. How do members of the family listen to the presidential speech that evening?
(a) It's broadcast from vehicles traveling the streets
(b) On the television
(c) They go to the presidential palace
(d) On the radio

4. What happens to the man who gets his hand caught in a press on the farm?
(a) The overseer cuts his hand off
(b) Francisco helps bandage the man's broken hand
(c) Francisco cuts his hand off
(d) The man dies

5. What was sprinkled over Dom Francisco's bed?
(a) Feathers
(b) Food
(c) All the above
(d) Blood

Short Answer Questions

1. What month was the memorial event held?

2. How soon after the death of Francisco's father does his mother "take up" with another man?

3. What is the disease contracted by the professor's traveling partner?

4. How old is Francisco during the drought?

5. Uncle Procopio says the family would starve without what crop?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens after Dr. Ferraez catches yellow fever?

2. List at least three details about Simbodji.

3. Describe the final conversation between Mama Wewe and the professor.

4. What does Mama Wewe remember about the professor as he is leaving headed into the forest?

5. What does Francisco believe will be the result of the hard work he's putting in to make the business profitable?

6. How does Francisco come to be called "the elephant?"

7. Where do the most valuable slaves originate and why is it a problem?

8. Describe the relationship between Francisco and his first wife.

9. What is the relationship between Rosemary da Silva and her husband, Ernest?

10. How does Francisco's father die?

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