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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the man who gets his hand caught in a press on the farm?
(a) The overseer cuts his hand off
(b) The man dies
(c) Francisco cuts his hand off
(d) Francisco helps bandage the man's broken hand

2. What is on Papa Agostinho's hat?
(a) Butterflies and elephants
(b) Butterflies and a pig's head
(c) Butterflies and a bleeding heart
(d) Butterflies and a giraffe

3. What does Francisco do when he finds a stray animal on his property?
(a) Changes the brand to match his own
(b) Kills it
(c) Nothing
(d) Returns it to its owner

4. How do the boys figure out how to play billiards when they find a billiard table?
(a) They don't
(b) An uncle shows them
(c) They've watched it on television
(d) They've been taught by pool sharks

5. What color is the cat Francisco's first wife is often seen with?
(a) White
(b) Yellow
(c) Orange
(d) Black

6. What color does Francisco's wife always wear?
(a) Green
(b) Orange
(c) Black
(d) Pink

7. What month was the memorial event held?
(a) May
(b) January
(c) March
(d) April

8. What game does the professor play with Mama Wewe's brother, Antonio?
(a) Billiards
(b) Croquet
(c) Spades
(d) Darts

9. What job does Francisco's father do?
(a) He works on the railroad
(b) He owns a small farm
(c) He is a dairy farmer
(d) He is a ranch hand

10. What does Herr Raabe want to train Cesario to be?
(a) A bookkeeper
(b) A trader
(c) A ship's mate
(d) A radio operator

11. After Francisco begins his roaming, he knows "flashes of happiness," but only in what instance?
(a) When he encounters old friends
(b) When he remembers his mother
(c) When he makes money
(d) When he's ready to move on

12. How long would Manuelzinho remain with Francisco and his mother before leaving?
(a) About a week
(b) About a year
(c) About a month
(d) He never leaves

13. Which of the following items was not on the shelf in Dom Francisco's room?
(a) An Ecce Homo
(b) A silver elephant
(c) A gilt crucifix
(d) A gold compass

14. What color are the walls of the Coutinhos' plantation?
(a) White
(b) Yellow
(c) Brown
(d) Pink

15. How did the family of Francisco Manoel da Silva plan to honor his memory?
(a) With dinner a a play
(b) With a burial and dinner
(c) With a series of speeches and dinner
(d) With a Requiem Mass and dinner

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wins the game between the professor and Mama Wewe's brother, Antonio?

2. What name is Helene da Silva better known as?

3. How soon after the death of Francisco's father does his mother "take up" with another man?

4. What fruit is on a plate near Mama Wewe?

5. What scene was depicted on the rattan mat in the bar where Uncle Procopio stopped for a drink?

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