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Dahomey - A West African country that lies between Nigeria and Togo on the Gulf of Guinea and is now called the People's Republic of Benin.

Ouidah - A largely forgotten village in Benin, it was the main port when the slave trade flourished.

The Portuguese Fort - This is where Francisco is stationed when he arrives in Dahomey and it's noted that this is a major conduit for the slave trade.

Abomey - A town slightly inland from Ouidah where the King of Dahomey has his palace.

Anecho - A slave port in Dahomey west of Ouidah, where Francisco goes after he gets out of prison in Abomey.

Tapuitapera - The name of a sandstone hill in Brazil upon which the Cutinhos' beautiful sugar plantation home sits.

Bahia - This is a state in Brazil where Francisco goes after he is told to leave the...

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