The Viceroy of Ouidah Character Descriptions

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Francisco Manoel da Silva - Also known as the Elephant, he is made viceroy of Ouidah by the King of Dahomey.

Eugenia da Silva - She is also known as Mama Wéwé, or the White One, and is the only white daughter of Francisco Manoel da Silva.

Joaquim Cutinho - This man steals Francisco's wealth, traps him in Africa by failing to renew his passport, stops replying to his letters, and finally even sells two of Francisco's daughters into prostitution.

Taparica the Tambour - Francisco's right-hand man, he is the only soldier left at the Portuguese Fort when Francisco first arrives in Ouidah.

Jijibou - Francisco's Dahomean wife.

Kankpé - The second king of Dahomey during Francisco's years in the country and an important ally to Francisco.

The King of Dahomey - Kankpé's half-brother, he is the reigning king when Francisco arrives in Dahomey...

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