The Viceroy of Ouidah Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Preface and Chapter One

• The da Silva family, descendants of the late Francisco da Silva, gather for a Mass celebrating his life.

• A young military man, Lieutenant-Colonel Zossoungbo Patrice, tells the family that events such as this family celebration, will not be allowed.

• Patrice gives in to the family's bribe and allows the celebration, warning that they are to listen to the presidential speech that evening.

• The family tunes in on the radio while they eat but focus on a favorite topic of conversation - the loss of the family fortune.

Chapter Two

• Eugenia, known as Mama Wewe, is very white which is a rarity in the family.

• Mama Wewe had fallen in love as a young woman but the man had left her behind.

• Mama Wewe adopts a young boy named Cesario but he dies of cholera.

• The family gathers as Mama Wewe is nearing death and...

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