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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does George try to conjure to get rid of the veldt?
(a) Aladdin and his lamp
(b) Rima and the jungle
(c) His favorite childhood fishing spot
(d) The prairie grasses of the Great Plains

2. What are the dimensions of the nursery?
(a) 10 feet across X 15 feet long X 12 feet high
(b) 20 feet across X 40 feet long X 30 feet high
(c) 40 feet across X 40 feet long X 10 feet high
(d) 40 feet across X 40 feet long X 30 feet high

3. What is on the wallet?
(a) Bits of grass, water and mud
(b) A green goo that is undecipherable
(c) Nothing; it is clean
(d) Drops of saliva, chew marks, and smears of blood

4. Who are they going to have come look at Africa (the nursery) the following morning?
(a) David McLean
(b) Gloria Steinem
(c) Ray Bradbury
(d) George Hadley

5. What does Dr.McClean suggest George do to the nursery?
(a) Pre-program it
(b) Lock it up
(c) Have the room torn down
(d) He does not suggest he do anything with the nursery

Short Answer Questions

1. What is found on the floor of the nursery?

2. Complete the sentence: “…the walls began to ________ and recede into __________distance…”?

3. What is George going to do with the nursery?

4. When Lydia sits down in the chair, what does it do?

5. How do the children react to the nursery being turned off?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do they see when they all walk into the nursery together so that George can prove Africa is in there?

2. How does the nursery change once George and Lydia enter?

3. What does George’s reaction to Lydia’s fear signify?

4. What is odd about the children when Dr.McClean arrives?

5. Where are George and Lydia Hadley?

6. How do Wendy and Peter tell their parents that they will be late for dinner?

7. How long does he think the children have been conjuring Africa? What had he noticed, but not paid attention to?

8. How do Wendy and Peter react when George asks them about Africa?

9. Explain Dr.McClean’s comment that children prefer santas over scrooges.

10. What does Lydia notice about George as well?

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