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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Veldt.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the family’s surname?
(a) Rosemont
(b) Hadley
(c) Bradbury
(d) McClean

2. What does the found item smell like?
(a) Rain and ferns
(b) Old cheese and meat
(c) Hot grass and lion
(d) Cigarette smoke

3. Where do George and Lydia believe Wendy and Peter are?
(a) At their robot friend’s house
(b) In the nursery
(c) At a plastic carnival across town
(d) At school

4. When Mr. and Mrs. Hadley scream, they realize why the screams they heard before sound familiar. Why is this?
(a) They were hearing their neighbor’s screams
(b) They were hearing the screams of their children
(c) They were hearing their own screams
(d) The screams sounded familiar because they heard them repeatedly

5. What is found on the floor of the nursery?
(a) An old wallet of George’s
(b) Wendy’s blankie
(c) Cigarettes
(d) Dirty dishes

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does George think is spoiled?

2. What does Dr. McClean say children prefer?

3. Who thinks Wendy changed the nursery from a veldt to a forest?

4. When was The Veldt published?

5. What does Lydia hear that George does not?

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