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Essay Topic 1

The story begins with Lydia’s concern regarding the nursery due to the African veldt, the lions and the reoccurring screams. The nursery reflects the children’s psyche.

What seems to be the problem with the nursery? Why is it concerning to George and Lydia? What does it suggest that the children are thinking about?

Essay Topic 2

Bradbury’s work is commentary on his prediction of society projected forward from 1950.

Based on the central conflict of man versus machine and loss of human connection, describe the values of this society. Why must they live in a Happylife home? Why do George and Lydia believe that nothing is good enough for their children? What is suggested by the fact that they take sedatives to go to sleep at night?

Essay Topic 3

George reflects on the magnificence and cost of the nursery. What is the nursery’s purpose...

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