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• George and Lydia Hadley live in a Happylife Home. The home has electronics and gadgets that do everything for them, like rock them to sleep, cook their food, do their laundry.

• The story opens when Lydia notices that the nursery, a large high-ceilinged room with screens all around, has constantly been channeling an African veldt complete with lions and vultures. The nursery conjures whatever the children are thinking about – positive or negative.

• Lydia wants George – who has been too busy working all of the time – to see if the nursery seems strange to him. Initially, he believes everything is fine, but then he notices the lions on the screens have just finished feeding and he’s concerned that his 10-year-old twins have been thinking of death if this is what the screens are showing.

• Lydia wants George to call a psychologist to check out the nursery...

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