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Short Answer Questions

1. What did cave lions do during the summer?

2. Why had Whinney kicked Baby?

3. What caused the cave lion to back into Ayla's lap?

4. What surprised Jondalar regarding flatheads?

5. What did Ayla want to know from her cave lion totem?

Short Essay Questions

1. What main reason did Serenio give Jondalar to not mate him?

2. What puzzled Jondalar regarding Ayla?

3. What did the Clan consider as improper and why did Ayla question it? To what conclusion did Ayla come regarding this?

4. What did Jondalar admire about Ayla, and what had it taken to show him?

5. What language did Jondalar teach Ayla, and what was the problem with it?

6. What is the difference between Creb and the Zelandoni, and how did Ayla explain it to Jondalar?

7. How did Dolando view flatheads and why did this shock Jondalar?

8. Why did Ayla become so upset?

9. What thought pattern lead to Ayla's riding of the huge cave lion?

10. What did Jondalar consider about Ayla, and what brought about this decision?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the relationships between Clan and Others. How does each pursue the other? Provide reasons for this tension. How do people today still struggle with similar issues, and why?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the use of herbal medicines throughout THE VALLEY OF HORSES. Why is herbalism important to Ayla's day to day life? What kinds of situations might never have come to pass if Ayla's skill was less than satisfactory? Why would this have been the case?

Essay Topic 3

Jondalar frequently pictures Ayla as a donii, or spirit of a Goddess. How does the spirituality of the people portrayed in the novel play a valid role in every day life for these people? Do you think humanity is better or worse off for the loss of this spirituality? Why?

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