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Short Answer Questions

1. What incident jolted Ayla into speech?

2. What gesture did Ayla give Thonolan's grave?

3. What does Jondalar notice is missing from Ayla's implements?

4. What did Jondalar have to prove to himself before he would mate Serenio?

5. What had the lionesses brought down?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why wouldn't Jondalar stop loving Ayla?

2. What innovation did Ayla make since Whinney had returned and what was the reason for this innovation?

3. What was the hardest concept for Jondalar to comprehend regarding the flatheads?

4. What was Jondalar's outburst regarding, and what was the reason for it?

5. Why was Thonolan so stressed?

6. What major difference did Ayla note in Jondalar's attitude towards the clan in Chapter 26?

7. What caused Ayla much laughter following the onager kill?

8. How did Dolando view flatheads and why did this shock Jondalar?

9. How did Jondalar explain the word 'love' to Ayla?

10. What two things had Ayla done that astounded Jondalar?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ayla struggles to find her place in life, plagued by multiple insecurities and misconceptions. How is this struggle similar to that of women everywhere? What kinds of things can women learn from Ayla?

Essay Topic 2

Jondalar frequently pictures Ayla as a donii, or spirit of a Goddess. How does the spirituality of the people portrayed in the novel play a valid role in every day life for these people? Do you think humanity is better or worse off for the loss of this spirituality? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the similarities in the relationships of Jondalar and Thonolan. In what ways were the relationships different? What does the reader believe will unfold for Jondalar and Ayla in the future? Do you think their relationship will continue to parallel Thonolan's? Why or why not?

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