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Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Jondalar spend the night with?

2. What did Ayla like to wear for comfort?

3. What was the little foal more afraid of?

4. What would make sure that her meat wouldn't be disturbed?

5. What was the great sturgeon called?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Ayla react to the valley?

2. What events led to Ayla making fire with flint and iron pyrite?

3. What is the difference between Thonolan and Jondalar?

4. What struck Ayla as wrong, and how did she feel when she had figured it out?

5. Why did Thonolan want to give up?

6. What things did Ayla need to survive the winter?

7. Why were the gifts from others not really anonymous?

8. Why had Jondalar inadvertently hurt Radonio?

9. What things led Jondalar to believe the flatheads were closer to human than it had been rumored?

10. In what ways did Whinney help Ayla accomplish the reindeer hunt?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Ayla's relationship with Whinney. How did this relationship likely bring her through some tough times? Is Ayla's emotional attachment understandable, considering her situation? How is Ayla's relationship with Whinney different from present day relationships with horses?

Essay Topic 2

Consider Ayla's fears regarding the Others. Are her fears well founded? Why or why not? What is unlikely to happen to Ayla that the Clan often became the victims of?

Essay Topic 3

Jondalar frequently pictures Ayla as a donii, or spirit of a Goddess. How does the spirituality of the people portrayed in the novel play a valid role in every day life for these people? Do you think humanity is better or worse off for the loss of this spirituality? Why?

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