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Short Answer Questions

1. What were plantain leaves good for?

2. What smell brought an instinctive fear to the horses?

3. When did Ayla realize that Whinney had gone where Ayla wanted her to go?

4. Who was the young woman Jondalar had been talking to?

5. What would make sure that her meat wouldn't be disturbed?

Short Essay Questions

1. What idea struck Ayla?

2. What things did Ayla need to survive the winter?

3. What events led to Ayla making fire with flint and iron pyrite?

4. What is the difference between Thonolan and Jondalar?

5. What is the Malaise?

6. Why was Darvo so happy when Thonolan had decided to mate Jetamio and stay?

7. What had Broud done, and how was it a sign of an immature leader?

8. In what ways did Whinney help Ayla accomplish the reindeer hunt?

9. What was Jondalar so worried about regarding Thonolan's approach of the rhino?

10. What kind of relationship did Jondalar and Jetamio start out with? What did it deepen into and how?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare the relationship between Ayla, Baby and Whinney. How is this similar to a multi-pet household? In what ways was Ayla's relationship different from anything that is around in present day? What specific traits are important to note regarding the domesticated animals?

Essay Topic 2

Why wouldn't Serenio mate Jondalar? What were her reasons? Were they valid? Why or why not? What was Jondalar's reaction to her refusal?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Jondalar's inability to love. What was likely responsible for this? Do you believe in the concept of one true love for each person? Why or why not? What is the author's position on true love? How can the reader tell?

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