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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 20-22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the tree called that was adorned with offerings?
(a) The Wishing Tree.
(b) The Mating Tree.
(c) The Mother Tree.
(d) The Blessing Tree.

2. How did Ayla move according to Jondalar?
(a) As though she didn't want him to see her.
(b) As though she had to say something embarrassing.
(c) As though she was trying to tell him something.
(d) As though she didn't like him.

3. What had become a habit for Ayla in the mornings?
(a) Checking the horses.
(b) Washing her hair.
(c) Going for a swim.
(d) Washing her wrap.

4. In what direction was the rhino nearly blind?
(a) Diagonally ahead.
(b) Directly ahead.
(c) To the side.
(d) Behind.

5. What thickens the stew that Tholie brought with her?
(a) Potatoes.
(b) Flour.
(c) Tubers.
(d) Seaweed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why wouldn't Jetamio be happy with the Zelandonii?

2. What festival was held when the moon was new in the Clan?

3. How long had the boat turned out to be?

4. What does Jondalar promise Ayla?

5. What color does Thonolan miss?

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