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Donii - A female spirit that can command healing, animals and the spirit world according to the Zelandonii.

Amulet - A special pouch that contains the spirit of the individual according to the Clan.

Flint - A substance used to make weapons.

Fire Stone - Iron Pyrite.

Spear - A useful implement for hunting big game.

Pits - A way to kill a large animal alone is by utilizing these.

Clothing - Shapeless among the Clan, and embellished among the Others.

Rites of First Pleasures - The making of a woman of the Others.

Mating Ceremony - A marriage.

Cave - A place to find both refuge and social order.

Valley of Horses - The place a young woman spends years alone.

Clan - Known as 'flatheads' by the Others.

Zelandonii - The group of people to which Jondalar and Thonolan belong.

Hadumai - A people consisting...

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