Daily Lessons for Teaching The Valley of Horses

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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


Ayla is wandering alone, fighting grief and the elements to stay alive, after having been cursed and thrown out of the Clan she was raised with.

The objective of this lesson is to gain a better understanding of Ayla's motivations and her will to live.


1) Initiate a class discussion on the grief Ayla has suffered. Why didn't she give up and throw herself off the cliff? What stopped her?

2) Break the class into groups of two or three and have them discuss Ayla's relationship with her antagonist, Broud. In what ways did he show himself to be an immature and irrational leader in regards to Ayla?

3) In short essay form, have each student discuss Ayla's relationship with Creb and Iza. What was her relationship with these people? Hwo did Ayla feel about Broud's father, Brun?

4) In essay form, explain the reason why Ayla resents Broud...

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