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Chapters 1-2

• Ayla is walking north because Iza told her she would find the Others there.

• Ayla thinks about Iza and Creb, the kind Clan members who raised her and had both died before she was forced to leave.

• Ayla also thinks about her son, Durc, whom she was forced to leave behind.

• Ayla is filled with grief for the loss of her adoptive family and is angry with Broud for taking her child away, however Ayla trusts the woman she left Durc with and knows he will be a fine member of the Clan.

• Ayla walks every day, hunting small animals for food and making a fire every night.

• Eventually it occurs to Ayla to carry a burning coal with her the way the men of the Clan would do, but it takes her several tries to figure out how to keep the coal from going out...

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