Objects & Places from The Vagina Monologues

Eve Ensler
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The Vagina Monologues - The Play - This was the creation of New York playwright, actor, and social activist Eve Ensler.

Monologue - This is a speech or story spoken by a single individual in the idiosyncratic, unique, character-defined voice of that individual.

The Vagina - This is the passage between the outer female genitals and the uterus.

The Clitoris - This is a small bundle of nerve endings in the body of women.

Vagina Workshop - This is an umbrella term for a class in which women are introduced to their own genitalia.

The Burqa - This is a long, dark robe covering the female body from head to toe, worn in several Middle Eastern countries.

The Native American Man's Braid - This is a powerful symbol of masculinity, pride, and power, meaning that by treating the braid with a degree of apparent disrespect, the woman...

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