The Vagina Monologues Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Eve Ensler
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Part 1

• The book opens by discussing that it is an expansion of the original play's 10th anniversary.

• The author discusses how she came to want to write openly about the vagina and its original production in New York.
• The author discusses the creation of V-Day, which was a movement created to raise awareness and bring an end to violence against women.

• In the Forward, feminist Gloria Steinem discusses her experiences with the vagina, dating back to her childhood.
• Steinem describes her travels to India and the discovery of the history of religious respect for the power of the female.

• In the Preface, the author discusses the word vagina and the way it is perceived by others.
• The author discusses how she was raped as a child and how it made her emotionally disconnect from her privates.

• The author then encourages the reader to embrace the word vagina and...

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