The Upstairs Room Short Essay - Answer Key

Johanna Reiss
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1. Who could Annie see from her bedroom window?

From her bedroom window, Annie could see the house of the Gans family. If she would learn out her window and wave, they would tell her to go back to bed.

2. Who all lived in Annie’s home?

Annie lived with her parents and her two sisters, Rachel and Sini, who were twenty-one and sixteen. Their maid Marie also lived there.

3. Why didn’t Annie’s parents go to America?

Annie’s father wanted to go to America. However, her mother said that she had too many headaches to leave Holland and start over again. So they stayed.

4. By 1939, where were Annie’s sisters working?

Rachel graduated from teachers’ college and worked at a nursery school. Sini started to work on a farm.

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