The Upstairs Room Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Johanna Reiss
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Essay Topic 1

Annie’s father wanted to leave Holland. Who agreed with Annie’s father that America would be a safer place? Why was it unsafe in Holland? Why didn’t Annie’s mother wish to leave? Why didn’t Father leave with the children and leave his wife behind? Did Sophie ever agree to leave? Why didn’t they go then?

Essay Topic 2

Once the Germans came to Holland, life changed for Annie’s family and other Jews. What elements of daily life changed for the Jews? What restrictions did Jews live under? Why did Annie and other children quit school? How did the restrictions get increasingly repressive?

Essay Topic 3

Life became even lonelier for Annie when they moved to the new house in the country. Why did Annie feel lonely in town and in the country? How did Les help Annie find a companion? How did...

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