The Upstairs Room Character Descriptions

Johanna Reiss
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This person was six at the beginning of the story, went into hiding when she was nine. She struggled with being outside when she was freed.


This person went into hiding at age nineteen, but she didn’t want to go home when she was freed because she had a boyfriend.

Johan Oosterveld

This person built a hiding spot for two children who were to hide at his home for a couple weeks, but who stayed for over two years.

Opoe Oosterveld

This person was in her seventies and had a lace hat that her mother gave her.

Ies de Leeuw

This person wanted to go to America because of Hitler, but didn’t because his wife refused to go.


This person didn’t seem to understand that Hitler would really kill Jews, and she died in a hospital the day before other patients were...

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