The Upstairs Room Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Johanna Reiss
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Introduction & Chapter 1

• The introduction gives a brief history of the causes and progression of World War I.

• The author began the story in 1938, when she was six years old.

• Annie did not understand why her father and other adults were so upset, especially when they listened to the radio.

• All she knew was that Hitler was doing bad things.

• One night there was news about “Kristallnacht” on the radio.

• Friends and family gathered for a meeting after that news and, shortly after, Uncle Bram and his wife left for America.

• Annie had two sisters, at that time Sini was sixteen and Rachel was twenty-one.

• In the fall of 1939, Rachel received her teaching degree, and Sini began working on a farm.

• News came that the Germans had invaded Poland.

• Annie’s father desperately wanted to go to America, but his wife Sophie refused.

• He then began building a home...

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