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Short Answer Questions

1. What makes it clear that Granny doesn't trust Ab?

2. How does Grumby try to disarm Bayard and Ringo?

3. Who does Sartoris shoot in the town hall?

4. Why are the women of Jefferson concerned for Drusilla?

5. Why was Louisa letdown by election day?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who are the victors in "Skirmish at Sartoris"?

2. What is the affect of "Vendee" picking up only days after "Reposte in Tertio"?

3. Do the old social rules of women and men in the south still apply in "The Unvanquished"? Why or why not?

4. What is the climax of "The Unvanquished"? Why?

5. Does Bayard feel guilty about Granny's death? Should he?

6. Why isn't Ab Snopes enlisted in the army?

7. Are Drusilla and Sartoris' efforts admirable? Why or why not?

8. Has the war changed Sartoris? How?

9. Why does Bayard place Grumby on Granny's grave?

10. Why does the Union army burn many plantation houses?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the big picture Faulkner is portraying through "The Unvanquished." Is he depicting the shortsighted picture or the long-term view of the war? What about the Civil War does Faulkner want to portray?

Essay Topic 2

Race is a significant and theme of "The Unvanquished": slaves are not all treated equally by characters and each character has a different agenda. Discuss the nature of race in the book and how the various dimensions are developed and the role they play.

Essay Topic 3

Despite the fact that "The Unvanquished" takes place during wartime, the gravity of death is still felt by the reader. The reader only witness a few instances of death, keeping the reader from becoming desensitized to it and giving each a special significance to the characters and the larger picture of the narrative. Discuss the use of death in "The Unvanquished," the effect it has on the characters and how Faulkner wields these instances.

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