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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Ringo and Bayard spy on Loosh?
(a) They think he knows something.
(b) They are playing a game.
(c) They find his movements interesting.
(d) They think he's stealing.

2. Why is Sartoris able to take the Union regiment prisoner so easily?
(a) He pretends to have a larger regiment.
(b) He lures them away from their camp.
(c) He has more weapons.
(d) The regiment is weak.

3. Where does Granny hide Ringo and Bayard?
(a) Under her skirts.
(b) On the roof.
(c) In the bushes.
(d) Under the floor.

4. Why didn't Sartoris let both McCaslin brothers enlist?
(a) They're not serious enough.
(b) There are too many soldiers.
(c) They are loyal to the Union.
(d) They're too old.

5. Which regiment was Sartoris voted out of?
(a) His first.
(b) His pretend regiment.
(c) None of them.
(d) His second.

Short Answer Questions

1. Granny's wagon is pushed into the river by a "_____" of slaves.

2. How do the slaves respond to Loosh explaining the Union is coming to free them?

3. Drusilla compares the fighting Confederates and Union on the railroad to ______.

4. What is Drusilla meant to represent?

5. How does Granny gain Colonel Dick's sympathy?

Short Essay Questions

1. Does Bayard glorify his father? How and why does he regard him the way he does?

2. Why is the Sartoris family fleeing their town?

3. Why is the Sartoris family burying their silver?

4. Why do Bayard and Ringo shoot at the Union soldiers?

5. What are the fleeing slaves representing?

6. Are people's loyalties in "Raid" predictable or unpredictable? How?

7. Why does Colonel Dick leave Granny's house?

8. Why isn't Uncle Buck fighting with the army?

9. How is the reader's perception of the war in "Raid" different than in prior chapters?

10. Does Bayard understand the Civil War? How does he see it?

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