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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened at Vicksburg?
(a) Everyone evacuated.
(b) It formed its own nation.
(c) It fell to the Union.
(d) It was overthrown by the Confederates.

2. Why does Granny read recipes to Ringo and Bayard?
(a) To put them to sleep.
(b) To teach them.
(c) To entertain them.
(d) To distract them.

3. Why didn't Sartoris let both McCaslin brothers enlist?
(a) They are loyal to the Union.
(b) There are too many soldiers.
(c) They're not serious enough.
(d) They're too old.

4. Why do the Confederate troops encourage Granny to go back home?
(a) They want her to wait for Sartoris.
(b) They think she's up to no good.
(c) They want her to bring something back for them.
(d) They think the Union will find her.

5. Why is Drusilla relieved by the war?
(a) She always wanted an independent country.
(b) She can make a profit.
(c) She can finally free her slaves.
(d) She can live the life she wants.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Ringo and Bayard find Granny back home, what does she have?

2. Why do many slaves decide to return to Jefferson with Granny?

3. Bayard observes that although the war is tragic, he has never experiences such ______.

4. Ringo and Bayard have growing ______ to protect their town.

5. Ringo is lass of a slave and more of a ______ to Bayard.

Short Essay Questions

1. Are people's loyalties in "Raid" predictable or unpredictable? How?

2. Is the war being waged violent in Mississippi in "Retreat"?

3. How has Bayard matured since "Ambuscade"? What is the cause of this?

4. Why has Drusilla become more masculine?

5. Why is Granny particularly paranoid about the chest of silver in "Retreat"?

6. After the Union soldiers leave her house, what is Granny most concerned with?

7. Is Ringo more than a slave boy? How is he an equal or still inferior?

8. How have roles been reversed or changed in "Raid"?

9. Why does Granny become relieved at one point when the Union soldiers are searching her house?

10. Are slaves able to be free in "Retreat"? Is it true freedom?

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