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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much did Sartoris beat Benbow by in the election?
(a) Sartoris won sixty percent of the votes.
(b) Sartoris fixed the election.
(c) He won all the votes.
(d) He beat him by one vote.

2. What does Ab tell Granny he admires about her?
(a) Her good looks.
(b) Her good cooking.
(c) Her cunningness.
(d) Her business savviness.

3. In the scheme, Ab is in charge of ______.
(a) Accounting.
(b) Inventory.
(c) Human relations.
(d) Sales.

4. What is Grumby's group called?
(a) The Night Riders.
(b) The Renegades.
(c) The Anarchists.
(d) The Independents.

5. Before the war, Benbow was ______.
(a) A Republican.
(b) The mayor.
(c) A child.
(d) A slave.

6. What is Louisa's final task in setting Drusilla right?
(a) Teaching her to play piano.
(b) Getting her a wig.
(c) Making her marry Sartoris.
(d) Moving her to New York.

7. ]Why don't the Union soldiers take Granny's mules?
(a) They feel bad for her.
(b) They got distracted.
(c) She already gave them to Ringo and Bayard.
(d) They's not worth taking.

8. Why does Granny agree to do business with Grumby?
(a) She's desperate.
(b) They are old friends.
(c) She doesn't think they're bad people.
(d) They will pay her well.

9. Why does Mrs. Compson approach Drusilla when she returns home?
(a) She was asked to intervene.
(b) She wants to hear her stories.
(c) She wants to tell her the gossip.
(d) She wants to make sure she's not injured.

10. Ringo believes: "The war ain't over. It just _____ good.
(a) Paused.
(b) Started.
(c) Got.
(d) Ended.

11. How does Ringo distract the troops who corner Granny?
(a) He fires shots at them.
(b) He attempts to arrest them.
(c) He makes noise from the woods.
(d) He runs across the field screaming.

12. Sartoris is running against Benbow to become _______.
(a) Marshall.
(b) Mayor.
(c) Town representative.
(d) Treasurer.

13. What was Granny saving some money from the scheme for?
(a) To make a new life after the war.
(b) To hire a hit man.
(c) To buy her slaves back.
(d) To bail her cousin out of prison.

14. Why doesn't Bayard kill Ab?
(a) Killing would be too generous.
(b) He wants him to go to jail instead.
(c) He doesn't have a gun.
(d) Ab is unarmed.

15. Why does Granny go to see Grumby alone?
(a) She wants to look professional.
(b) Ab requested only she go.
(c) She will be less conspicuous.
(d) She doesn't believe they would hurt her.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Granny try to ensure not being caught by the Union in her scheme?

2. Where does the stranger shoot Buck?

3. Why did the stranger kill the black man for the boys to find?

4. Drusilla complains: "I went to war to hunt Yankees, not hunting ______."

5. During the war, where was Benbow?

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