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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Grumby's group called?
(a) The Anarchists.
(b) The Night Riders.
(c) The Renegades.
(d) The Independents.

2. How does Granny try to ensure not being caught by the Union in her scheme?
(a) She never makes the sales deals.
(b) She never visits the same camp twice.
(c) She makes herself seem older and ignorant.
(d) She befriends the troops.

3. In the scheme, Ab is in charge of ______.
(a) Sales.
(b) Inventory.
(c) Human relations.
(d) Accounting.

4. Why is Ab the best available man in town?
(a) He's the youngest.
(b) He was raised right.
(c) All the other men are enlisted.
(d) He has the most money.

5. Where does the stranger shoot Buck?
(a) In the leg.
(b) In the foot.
(c) In the stomach.
(d) In the arm.

6. Why does Granny agree to do business with Grumby?
(a) She doesn't think they're bad people.
(b) They will pay her well.
(c) They are old friends.
(d) She's desperate.

7. Why does Bayard kill Grumby?
(a) Grumby tried to shoot him.
(b) Grumby killed Granny.
(c) Grumby spoke ill of Bayard's mother.
(d) Grumby will never stop stealing.

8. When does Bayard see Drusilla after Louisa arrives?
(a) Never.
(b) Only when he's in town.
(c) All day, every day.
(d) Only at mealtimes.

9. Why is Granny disheartened by the conclusion of her scheme?
(a) She doesn't like being a wanted woman.
(b) She liked the excitement of crime.
(c) She hasn't saved enough money.
(d) She feels like she let Ab down.

10. How do Ringo, Bayard, and Buck know they are on the right track to findings Grumby and Ab?
(a) Ab always heads north.
(b) They find their supplies strewn.
(c) They hear rumors in towns.
(d) They find ransacked towns.

11. Why are the Burdens in Jefferson?
(a) To keep an eye on Sartoris.
(b) To fix the election.
(c) To organize former slaves for the Republican Party.
(d) To make a profit off the devastation.

12. How long does the search for Grumby and Ab take?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) Three months.
(c) Three days.
(d) One year.

13. How does Grumby try to disarm Bayard and Ringo?
(a) By distracting them.
(b) With pleasant words.
(c) With a gun.
(d) By fighting them.

14. Why is the stranger willing to give up Grumby?
(a) Because they are wanted men.
(b) Because Bayard offers him money.
(c) Because Grumby is a terrible travel partner.
(d) Because Grumby betrayed him.

15. Where do Bayard and Ringo find Granny's body?
(a) In the woods.
(b) In her wagon.
(c) In a vacated shack.
(d) Back in their cabin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can't Buck continue on with the boys?

2. How forthcoming is Buck to the stranger?

3. Why does Mrs. Compson approach Drusilla when she returns home?

4. How do the women of Jefferson rearrange the town?

5. The Methodist preacher in town used to be a _______.

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