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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Granny hesitant about the last scheme?
(a) She's too tired to put up her act.
(b) The mules are not healthy.
(c) The regiment is too close to another.
(d) She's sold to this troop before.

2. What first begins to concern Bayard about Ab's genuineness?
(a) Many of Ab's friends are known criminals.
(b) He sees Ab sneaking off at night.
(c) Granny has less money than Ab says.
(d) There is something suspicious about the way Ab looks at him.

3. Why are the Burdens in Jefferson?
(a) To organize former slaves for the Republican Party.
(b) To fix the election.
(c) To keep an eye on Sartoris.
(d) To make a profit off the devastation.

4. Who does Sartoris shoot in the town hall?
(a) A policeman.
(b) Voters.
(c) Two election officials.
(d) Benbow.

5. What does Bayard do when he sees Ab?
(a) He spits on him.
(b) He sets him free.
(c) He beats him.
(d) He calls for the police.

6. What does Bayard do with Grumby's body?
(a) Buries it.
(b) Hangs it in the middle of town.
(c) Places it on Granny's grave.
(d) Burns it.

7. Why are the women of Jefferson concerned for Drusilla?
(a) They think she's having an affair with Sartoris.
(b) They think she's traumatized by the war.
(c) They think she takes too many risks.
(d) They think she's sick.

8. How does Ringo distract the troops who corner Granny?
(a) He attempts to arrest them.
(b) He makes noise from the woods.
(c) He runs across the field screaming.
(d) He fires shots at them.

9. What occupies all of Sartoris' time since returning from the war?
(a) Comforting his son.
(b) Finding his lost mules.
(c) Seeing Drusilla.
(d) Rebuilding his house.

10. How much did Sartoris beat Benbow by in the election?
(a) He beat him by one vote.
(b) He won all the votes.
(c) Sartoris won sixty percent of the votes.
(d) Sartoris fixed the election.

11. Why is the stranger willing to give up Grumby?
(a) Because Grumby is a terrible travel partner.
(b) Because Bayard offers him money.
(c) Because Grumby betrayed him.
(d) Because they are wanted men.

12. What is Grumby's group called?
(a) The Night Riders.
(b) The Renegades.
(c) The Independents.
(d) The Anarchists.

13. How is Ab when Bayard, Ringo and Buck find him?
(a) He's well fed and well dressed.
(b) He's tied to a tree.
(c) He is very ill.
(d) He's cold, wet and lost.

14. Why did the stranger kill the black man for the boys to find?
(a) As a warning.
(b) As a sign.
(c) As a peace offering.
(d) It was an accident.

15. Why was Louisa letdown by election day?
(a) Not many people voted.
(b) There wasn't enough excitement.
(c) Sartoris won.
(d) There was no wedding.

Short Answer Questions

1. How forthcoming is Buck to the stranger?

2. Why does Granny agree to do business with Grumby?

3. What has changed since the boys went looking for Grumby and Ab?

4. Ab tells Bayard that Granny has accumulated ________ from the scheme.

5. What does the gossip about Drusilla develop to?

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