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Chapter Abstracts

* Loosh learns that the front lines are closer than the town thinks.

* Colonel Sartoris returns home.

* Bayard and Sartoris build a livestock pen.

* Bayard wants his father to tell him of his adventures, but is sent to bed.

* Bayard overhears his father talking about Vicksburg falling and that they should bury their silver.

* Colonel Sartoris leaves.

* Bayard and Ringo spy on Loosh.

* Loosh goes to Corinth and returns to explain to the other slaves that the Union soldiers are coming to free them.

* Bayard and Ringo wait on the side of the road and shoot at some Union soldiers who pass.

* Bayard and Ringo hide at Granny's house because they think they've killed a soldier.

* The Union soldiers come into Granny's house and interrogate her.

* It turns out the boys only killed a horse.

* When the soldiers leave, Granny scolds the boys for swearing and...

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