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Denise Giardina
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which company has bought out The American Coal Company?
(a) International Business Machines.
(b) AT&T.
(c) The International Oil Corp.
(d) The Standard Oil Company.

2. What does Dillon do when the remains are scattered around?
(a) He faints.
(b) He chokes Arthur Lee.
(c) He throws himself on the ground and sobs.
(d) He vomits.

3. Who has all the poverty money sent to him so that he can dole it out?
(a) Dillon.
(b) Sim.
(c) Jimmy.
(d) Arthur Lee.

4. Tom tells the bishop that he is a/an _________________ priest.
(a) lenient.
(b) competent.
(c) terrible.
(d) angry.

5. How many people agree to attend mass when the bishop comes?
(a) 3.
(b) 12.
(c) 1.
(d) 27.

6. What does the company in #134 do regarding Homeplace?
(a) They obtain rights to Homeplace.
(b) They withdraw funding for Homeplace.
(c) They sell Homeplace.
(d) They film a TV documentary there.

7. What does Dillon promise to do if Jackie takes the job in #105?
(a) Quit the labor strikes.
(b) Get married.
(c) Move to California.
(d) Quit smoking.

8. What do Dillon and Arthur Lee do after the dam bursts?
(a) They alert people in town.
(b) They call the radio station.
(c) They call the EPA.
(d) They alert the sheriff.

9. What happens when the dam machinery is overworked?
(a) It stops working.
(b) It sounds an alarm.
(c) The dam overruns.
(d) It explodes.

10. Tom and Jackie make love before he goes to _________________.
(a) Honduras.
(b) London.
(c) Charleston.
(d) Washington, D.C.

11. Dillon vows to see Rachel ___________________.
(a) when she wakes up.
(b) in her dreams.
(c) in heaven.
(d) every day.

12. Why does the person in #151 advise Jackie to leave the area?
(a) Because he wants her to travel with him.
(b) Because she loves the big city.
(c) Because she needs a bigger career.
(d) Because it is dying.

13. Whose remains are revealed when the machine malfunctions?
(a) Dillon's father's.
(b) Sim's father's.
(c) Flora's.
(d) Rachel's.

14. The way that the vine grows up the tree is in the shape of ____________________.
(a) a heart.
(b) the face of Jesus.
(c) the United States.
(d) Mickey Mouse.

15. Where does Tom move to eventually?
(a) Honduras.
(b) Mexico.
(c) Costa Rica.
(d) Paraguay.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Rachel buried after her death?

2. Why do Hassel and Tom go to the Governor's Office in Charleston?

3. What does Hassel pick up while at the Governor's Office?

4. Where does Tom ask Jackie to meet him sometime?

5. What does Jackie write editorials about during this period?

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