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Denise Giardina
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rachel name her baby?
(a) Jill.
(b) Jamie.
(c) Jackie.
(d) Janelle.

2. When Rachel's marriage begins to fall apart, why does she not leave?
(a) She thinks he will change.
(b) She wants a child.
(c) It is against her religion.
(d) She wants to give it more time.

3. Who is Rachel's wealthy boyfriend in Manila?
(a) Fred Sullivan.
(b) Fred Clark.
(c) Fred Simpson.
(d) Fred Morton.

4. Which U.S. President does Rachel see on TV talking about poverty?
(a) President Kennedy.
(b) President Carter.
(c) President Johnson.
(d) President Roosevelt.

5. Why is Rachel's father going to Norfolk?
(a) To go back to school.
(b) To visit relatives.
(c) To attend a funeral.
(d) To work in a shipyard.

6. Rachel and Jackie's new house is near which mine?
(a) Number Three.
(b) Number Seventeen.
(c) Number Thirteen.
(d) Number One.

7. What do the men trapped in the coal mine use to bang on the rocks to alert their rescuers?
(a) A tin pan.
(b) A shovel.
(c) A miner's hat.
(d) A rifle.

8. What does Dillon NOT do when he sees Rachel after the war?
(a) Proclaims his love for her.
(b) Kisses her.
(c) Ignores her.
(d) Swings her around.

9. What event does Rachel's mother always listen to on the radio?
(a) The Kentucky Derby.
(b) The Nutcracker Ballet.
(c) New Year's Eve in Times Square.
(d) The Indianapolis 500.

10. In what state does the story take place?
(a) Alabama.
(b) North Carolina.
(c) West Virginia.
(d) Georgia.

11. What is Dillon's last name?
(a) Franck.
(b) Fortman.
(c) Foureman.
(d) Freeman.

12. A man from which government agency shows up at Dillon's house to tell him that there is an injunction against the strike?
(a) The A.T.F.
(b) The C.I.A.
(c) The Secret Service.
(d) The F.B.I.

13. What is the color of the coat that Rachel wears that bleeds out onto her white dress when it rained?
(a) Red.
(b) Green.
(c) Black.
(d) Blue.

14. One day Tony tells Jackie that _______________ is sick and in the hospital.
(a) Rachel.
(b) Carrie.
(c) Mamaw Hudson.
(d) Mamaw Honaker.

15. Which U.S. President is killed while Dillon is in prison?
(a) President Garfield.
(b) President Kennedy.
(c) President Roosevelt.
(d) President Johnson.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is VISTA?

2. Why does Jackie swear she will hate Tony forever?

3. What is deducted from the coalminers' pay each week?

4. Who does Rachel refuse to marry?

5. To what church do Rachel and Jackie belong?

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