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Denise Giardina
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Dillon related to Rachel?
(a) They are cousins.
(b) They are second cousins.
(c) They are not related.
(d) They are siblings.

2. Who had lived in Rachel and Jackie's house before them?
(a) A doctor.
(b) A reporter.
(c) A lawyer.
(d) A union organizer.

3. With what disease is Rachel diagnosed?
(a) Rheumatic fever.
(b) Tuberculosis.
(c) Cancer.
(d) Diabetes.

4. Who does Rachel think is the father of her baby?
(a) She is not sure.
(b) Dillon.
(c) Jimmy.
(d) Tony.

5. What does Dillon beg Rachel not to do?
(a) Go to the dance with someone else.
(b) Drive too fast.
(c) Break up with him.
(d) Go away to school.

6. What animal does Dillon hit while driving home?
(a) A cat.
(b) A deer.
(c) A raccoon.
(d) A fox.

7. What game does Dillon play with Jackie?
(a) Candyland.
(b) Monopoly.
(c) Clue.
(d) A Civil War game.

8. Who is Dillon's mother?
(a) Cathy.
(b) Carla.
(c) Carrie.
(d) Cammie.

9. What is the name of Rachel's mule?
(a) Mag.
(b) Bessie.
(c) Sally.
(d) Bluebell.

10. On which young man does Jackie have a crush?
(a) Tom Kerrigan.
(b) Tom Kolson.
(c) Tom Kavanaugh.
(d) Tom Kolwiecki.

11. Who is Rachel's wealthy boyfriend in Manila?
(a) Fred Sullivan.
(b) Fred Simpson.
(c) Fred Clark.
(d) Fred Morton.

12. Why does Rachel refuse to leave Tony?
(a) She hopes their marriage can work.
(b) She is afraid of what people would think.
(c) She knows he won't pay her support.
(d) She knows it is against her religion.

13. Who does Rachel refuse to marry?
(a) Arthur Lee.
(b) Jimmy.
(c) Tom.
(d) Dillon.

14. What do the men trapped in the coal mine use to bang on the rocks to alert their rescuers?
(a) A tin pan.
(b) A rifle.
(c) A shovel.
(d) A miner's hat.

15. What is Rachel's last name?
(a) Honaker.
(b) Phillips.
(c) Freeman.
(d) Sanders.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Rachel's roommate at nursing school?

2. Where does Tony go when he leaves the house?

3. Why does everyone in her seventh grade class hate Jackie?

4. What is the vocation of the young man in #77?

5. What form of transportation does Rachel use to travel around and care for the sick?

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