Objects & Places from The Unquiet Earth: A Novel

Denise Giardina
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The story of "The Unquiet Earth" takes place in this area of America.

Number Thirteen Mine

This is the focus of "The Unquiet Earth" and the place of employment for generations of men.

Blackberry Creek

Most of the miners live in houses that line this body of water.

Blackberry Creek Bridge

An explosive is set here in order to blow it up.

Federal Penitentiary, Atlanta

One of the men is convicted of criminal bombing and arson when he blows up a bridge, and is sent here to serve a five-year sentence.

Hermit's Cabin

This is the first place where Dillon and Rachel make love.


Tom Kolwiecki becomes a Jesuit Catholic priest and serves many years here helping the poor and underprivileged.

The Dam

This site on the river in the mining community of Homeplace bursts and floods the entire region.

Washington, D. C.

After Jackie graduates...

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