Objects & Places from The Unquiet Earth: A Novel

Denise Giardina
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Appalachia - The story of "The Unquiet Earth" takes place in this area of America.

Number Thirteen Mine - This is the focus of "The Unquiet Earth" and the place of employment for generations of men.

Blackberry Creek - Most of the miners live in houses that line this body of water.

Blackberry Creek Bridge - An explosive is set here in order to blow it up.

Federal Penitentiary, Atlanta - One of the men is convicted of criminal bombing and arson when he blows up a bridge, and is sent here to serve a five-year sentence.

Hermit's Cabin - This is the first place where Dillon and Rachel make love.

Honduras - Tom Kolwiecki becomes a Jesuit Catholic priest and serves many years here helping the poor and underprivileged.

The Dam - This site on the river in the mining community of Homeplace bursts and floods...

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