The Unquiet Earth: A Novel Character Descriptions

Denise Giardina
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Dillon Freeman

He is only a baby when his father dies, and has a lot of inner anger and unresolved feelings his entire life.

Rachel Honaker

She falls in love with her cousin who loves her in return, and although she resists his advances, she has deep feelings for him.

Jackie Honaker

She is the daughter and only child of a woman who is not sure who the child's father is.

Carrie Freeman

She had not been married to her son's father and is the talk of community but she doesn't care because she loves him so.

Rondal Lloyd

He was a union organizer who was shot in the spine during a strike, was paralyzed and died soon after sustaining the wound.

Tommie Justice

She is from a wealthy family, has a reputation for being promiscuous and dies in a plane crash during World War II.

Tony Angelelli

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