The Unquiet Earth: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Denise Giardina
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Chapter Abstracts

* Dillon Freeman was just an infant when his father died because he was a labor organizer for a coal miners union.

* Dillon in now almost fifteen and lives with his mother, Carrie, in a mining community in West Virginia in the 1930s.

* Dillon's cousin, Rachel, is sixteen and has had a crush on Dillon for because years.

* Rachel's mother, Fiona, wants Rachel to have a better life than she did plus she tells Rachel that she can't marry Dillon because they are cousins and their babies would not be right.

* In the winter Dillon is ice fishing when Rachel, on her mule, Mag, falls into the icy waters.

* Dillon tries to help Rachel but his mother pulls his back for fear that he will drown in the process.

* Mag is able to drag Rachel to shore, and Dillon and his mother carry her...

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