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Daniel Silva (novelist)
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Short Answer Questions

1. When does Neumann leave the bookshop in Chapter 47?

2. What simile is used as a comparison to show how large Schellenberg's office is?

3. How long ago had Mary left Ireland?

4. At the beginning of Chapter 61, how long has Vogel been waiting outside Schellenberg's office?

5. What does Dogherty eat at a pub while he waits for the evening train?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Neumann believe that Cambridge could represent trouble, but the police in villages and hamlets do not pose much of a threat?

2. Why had the U-509's movements been puzzling Braithwaite for weeks?

3. What asset does Vogel have besides the money he has transferred out of the country?

4. Why does Neumann decide he has to find Jenny?

5. What does Vicary tell Jordan's son, Billy, in a letter?

6. Why does Mary say that Neumann killed Dogherty?

7. How does Jenny stop the Camilla?

8. Why is Commander Lowe inclined to believe Charlotte Endicott when she tells him a German spy signaled a U-boat?

9. What is Vogel's theory regarding the information that Catherine Blake passed on?

10. How does Vicary identify the man who Catherine may be passing her information to?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Boothby references a quote from Sun-tzu about military deception. Discuss what Sun-tzu had to say about military deception and how the British are taking his advice.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss why it is hard for Catherine to remember whose side she is on--German or English--and why she sometimes sympathizes with the British.

Essay Topic 3

Vicary finally learns the truth behind Operation Mulberry and his role as Double Cross officer. Discuss the truth behind Operation Mulberry and Vicary's role as Double Cross officer.

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