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Daniel Silva (novelist)
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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 7, what is the name of the little girl with a broken arm in the emergency room that Catherine helps?

2. Vicary's area of expertise is nineteenth-century Europe, but what history does he have a secret passion for?

3. What color are Jenny Colville's eyes?

4. Which opera does Hardegan recommend seeing that is starring Herbert Janssen?

5. Where is the Government Code and Cipher School located?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Vicary decide to pour his men and resources into Lincolnshire?

2. What led to Vicary's shattered knee?

3. How does Vogel get his wife the funds she will need to live?

4. What is the source of Vicary's despair at the beginning of Chapter 29?

5. Why had the U-509's movements been puzzling Braithwaite for weeks?

6. What kind of shape is the van in that Neumann took from the Pope warehouse?

7. Why does Neumann decide he has to find Jenny?

8. Where does Helen stay and why?

9. How does Vicary identify the man who Catherine may be passing her information to?

10. How does Catherine lose Blair, Reeves, and Roach when they follow her in Chapter 39?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The novel is based on historical events. Select two or three fictional events in the novel and show how the author establishes the probability of these events happening.

Essay Topic 2

Vicary is the Double Cross officer for the British intelligence agency. Discuss Vicary's job and how his Double Cross network plays a critical role in the war effort.

Essay Topic 3

Canaris is sacked, and the Abwehr merge sinto the SS. Discuss how Vogel survives the downfall of Canaris and what Vogel's plans are for the future.

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