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Daniel Silva (novelist)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Becker pose as to be able to enter England and begin spying for Canris?
(a) Swiss businessman.
(b) Austrian businessman.
(c) French businessman.
(d) Spanish businessman.

2. How much does Neumann pay to get keys copied for Catherine?
(a) 25 shillings.
(b) 20 shillings.
(c) 15 shillings.
(d) 10 shillings.

3. Who cooks food for Vicary and the others who are working on operation Kettledrum?
(a) The typists.
(b) A cook is hired.
(c) A caterer.
(d) The watchers.

4. Where is the Government Code and Cipher School located?
(a) Chiltern.
(b) Aylesbury.
(c) Wycombe.
(d) Bletchley.

5. Where is the home of the Fuhrer?
(a) Hallein.
(b) Teisendorf.
(c) Berchtesgaden.
(d) Fieberbrunn.

Short Answer Questions

1. What road or street does Catherine ask Jordan to direct her toward?

2. How old is Anna in 1925?

3. What used to be the name of the place where Becker is imprisoned?

4. How old was Canaris when he took control of Hitler's spy agency?

5. What is Vernon Pope drinking when Catherine arrives at the warehouse?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the source of Vicary's despair at the beginning of Chapter 29?

2. Describe the prison where Becker and other spies are held.

3. Why is it necessary to build an artificial harbor for the landing at Normandy?

4. How does Catherine manage to bump into Peter Jordan and make his acquaintance?

5. Why does Catherine kill Rose Morley?

6. Why does Catherine contact Vernon Pope?

7. Why does Catherine regret her decision to go to the Popes for help?

8. Who joins the British Home Guard and what do they arm themselves with?

9. What is Hardegen's job at Lauterbach's bank?

10. Why is MI5 in a panic at the beginning of Chapter 12?

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